Friday, February 10, 2017

Mandela Effects that has really happened

There is so many Mandela Effect changes happening in this reality that it's quite literally VERY hard to keep up with them? Everybody is realising that their memories are not to blame but CERN!

You can only take so many changes before realising that hold on a minuet, somethings not right? It can't be mass memory loss unless it's a Alzheimers club and we all forgot to give it a name? It has to be something else? CERN is creating alot of enemies because people are aware of the dangers they are meddling with!

The Mandela Effect refers to a phenomenon in which a large number of people share false memories of past events, referred to as confabulation in psychiatry. Some have speculated that the memories are caused by parallel universes spilling into our own, while others explain the phenomenon as a failure of collective memory.

In 2010, blogger Fiona Broome coined the term “Mandela Effect” to describe a collective false memory she discovered at the Dragon Con convention, where many others believed that former South African President Nelson Mandela died during his imprisonment in the 1980s. That year, Broome launched the site to document various examples of the phenomenon. See, I thought Nelson Mandela died in prison.

I thought I remembered it clearly, complete with news clips of his funeral, the mourning in South Africa, some rioting in cities, and the heartfelt speech by his widow. Then, I found out he was still alive. Additionally, Broome described other widely held false memories, including various nonexistent Star Trek episodes and the death of the Reverend Billy Graham.

On August 23rd, 2012, a post titled “Berenstein Bears: We Are Living in Our Own Parallel Universe” was published on the blog The Wood Between Worlds, which described a widespread memory of the children’s book series Berenstein Bears as “Berenstain,” explaining the false memory as the result of an alternate reality spilling over into our own. In December 2013, the /r/mandelaeffect subreddit was launched for discussions about the phenomenon.

On October 13th, BuzzFeed[14] published an article highlighting various examples of the Mandela Effect. On December 8th, Redditor carc posted an “infographic”: containing various Mandela Effect examples to /r/MandelaEffect (shown below).

On August 5th, 2016, Redditor diamondashtry submitted a post titled “Holy shit – found Berenstein evidence while packing,” claiming to have discovered a Berentstein Bears VHS tape with the names “Berenstein” and “Berenstain” appearing on the official label (shown below). Within 72 hours, the post gained more than 340 votes (93% upvoted) and 180 comments on the /r/MandelaEffect[10] subreddit.

In the comments section, Redditor jumpsiedaisy replied that “basic analyses” on photos showed no traces of digital editing. That day, the news site Heavy published an article titled “Berenstein Bears: Did Reddit Prove the Mandela Effect?”
Many people falsely recall that the American lunch meat company Oscar Mayer is spelled “Oscar Meyer.”