Saturday, February 25, 2017


Most if not all of us have heard of the popular highly rated AMC original series The Walking Dead. Even if we have never seen a single episode, we no doubt have heard the continual buzz surrounding this program. 

Not just from those in day to day life but from all the talk about it online. One episode of The Walking Dead can have fans, bloggers and critics talking all week if not for weeks. 

One episode, in particular, had many people talking, not just due to what happened in the episode but because of what was caught in the background during the episode. 

Amazing UFO seen on the popular TV show The Walking Dead

Scroll down for video;
During a scene in the episode, the main character of the program Rick Grimes was taken to the top of a garbage heap by a character name Jadis the main purpose of the scene was the show the vast area of their community. Yes, this was using the programs notorious green screen, and well these are seldom realistic. But there was something in the scene that some viewers did spot that they deducted was real and not fake. There off in the distance was some sort of fast moving object that appeared right above Rick's head at one point. So, what was this?

Amazing video, you watch this...

Well, some online have dismissed this as an airplane. But the odd thing is this wasn't a location shoot but shot on an outside sound stage. But turns out upon watching the video that is now streaming online there were actually four objects that can be caught in the duration of that scene. So, what was the cause of this? Well, again some could say it was just a technical glitch. Maybe it was also something that the show itself is hinting at. It wouldn't be the first time The Walking Dead did something in a subtle way at first that came back later to be explained as part of the plot.

Maybe this is the hint that there is another community out there who can actually travel by air something that hasn't happened since the Zombie Apocalypse hit. Then there is the possibility if this is a plot from the show that an alien race caused the zombie apocalypse as a way of annihilating mankind. Whatever the cause be it a glitch, a plot device or something else the objects are definitely there. No one knows at this point what the cause of the UFO's was. All we do know for sure is that "The Walking Dead" never fails to have viewers talking and this episode had them talking all the more.


Friday, February 17, 2017


When we pick up our wireless technology we often don't stop to think about who we should be grateful to for this technology. It is Nikola Tesla and his amazing team.

But if we ever did want to show some gratitude perhaps we should start with Nikola Tesla. For those who aren't aware of who this truly extraordinary man was, he was an inventor who lived well before his time.

Tesla invented what could be classified as the first wireless hand-held radio. He also created turbine engines, neon lights, torpedoes and the X-ray just to name a few of the 700 inventions that he would invent in his lifetime. Such amazing achievements no doubt led to Tesla being sought out by many to do interviews over the years.

An amazing interview transcript of Nikola Tesla
The genius that is Nikola Tesla

However, despite creating such achievements that were beneficial to man Nikola Tesla chose to remain a man of mystery and chose not to allow the press to invade his quiet world. But, apparently, Tesla did allow himself to be interviewed at least once as a rare interview has surfaced online that he did over a century ago. This interview gives insights into Tesla not just as a person but a great mind. In the course of the interview, he discussed various things he felt about life and the universe itself. Here is an example of a question ask to him about the greatest accomplishments he felt he was unable to accomplish because mankind wasn't quite ready for them:

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, you have gained the glory of the man who got involved in the cosmic processes. Who are you, Mr. Tesla?
Tesla: It is a right question, Mr. Smith, and I will try to give you the right answer to it.
Journalist: Some say you’re from the country of Croatia, from the area called Lika, where together with the people are growing trees, rocks and starry sky. They say that your home village is named after the mountain flowers, and that the house, where you were born, is next to the forest and the church.

Tesla: Really, all it true. I’m proud of my Serbian origin and my Croatian homeland.
Journalist: Futurists say that the Twenty-and Twenty First Century was born in head of Nikola Tesla. They celebrate conversely magnetic field and sing hymns to Inductions engine. Their creator was called the hunter who caught the light in his net from the depths of the earth, and the warrior who captured fire from heaven. Father of alternating current will make the Physics and Chemistry dominate half the world. Industry will proclaim him as their supreme saint, a banker for the largest benefactors. In the laboratory of Nikola Tesla for the first time is broken atom. There is created a weapon that causes the earthquake vibrations. There are discovered black cosmic rays. Five races will pray to him in the Temple of the future, because they had taught a great secret that Empedocles elements can be watered with the life forces from the ethers.
Tesla: Yes, these are some of my most important discoveries. I’m a defeated man. I have not accomplished the greatest thing I could.

Nikola Tesla electricity

Journalist: What is it, Mr. Tesla?
Tesla: I wanted to illuminate the whole earth. There is enough electricity to become a second sun. Light would appear around the equator, as a ring around Saturn. Mankind is not ready for the great and good. In Colorado Springs I soaked the earth by electricity. Also we can water the other energies, such as positive mental energy. They are in the music of Bach or Mozart, or in the verses of great poets. In the Earth’s interior, there are energy of Joy, Peace and Love. Their expressions are a flower that grows from the Earth, the food we get out of her and everything that makes man’s homeland. I’ve spent years looking for the way that this energy could influence people. The beauty and the scent of roses can be used as a medicine and the sun rays as a food. Life has an infinite number of forms, and the duty of scientists is to find them in every form of matter. Three things are essential in this. All that I do is a search for them. I know I will not find them, but I will not give up on them.
Journalist: What are these things?

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Under The Dome Flat Earth - Full Documentary

The Flat Earth model is a belief that the Earth's shape is a plane or disk. Many ancient cultures have had conceptions of a flat Earth, including Greece. It was also typically held in the aboriginal cultures of the Americas. 

They believed in a flat Earth domed by the firmament in the shape of an inverted bowl. A lot of people today, believe that the Earth is round but they've never seen it from a distance. Not even being on an airplane could reveal the true shape to someone who doesn't know. 

Being on top of the highest mountain wouldn't help either. Is NASA and it's friends lying to us about the world? Keep an open mind. There's no good reason to doubt it. (Production/Narration by Mark Sargent)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Mandela Effects that has really happened

There is so many Mandela Effect changes happening in this reality that it's quite literally VERY hard to keep up with them? Everybody is realising that their memories are not to blame but CERN!

You can only take so many changes before realising that hold on a minuet, somethings not right? It can't be mass memory loss unless it's a Alzheimers club and we all forgot to give it a name? It has to be something else? CERN is creating alot of enemies because people are aware of the dangers they are meddling with!

The Mandela Effect refers to a phenomenon in which a large number of people share false memories of past events, referred to as confabulation in psychiatry. Some have speculated that the memories are caused by parallel universes spilling into our own, while others explain the phenomenon as a failure of collective memory.

In 2010, blogger Fiona Broome coined the term “Mandela Effect” to describe a collective false memory she discovered at the Dragon Con convention, where many others believed that former South African President Nelson Mandela died during his imprisonment in the 1980s. That year, Broome launched the site to document various examples of the phenomenon. See, I thought Nelson Mandela died in prison.

I thought I remembered it clearly, complete with news clips of his funeral, the mourning in South Africa, some rioting in cities, and the heartfelt speech by his widow. Then, I found out he was still alive. Additionally, Broome described other widely held false memories, including various nonexistent Star Trek episodes and the death of the Reverend Billy Graham.

On August 23rd, 2012, a post titled “Berenstein Bears: We Are Living in Our Own Parallel Universe” was published on the blog The Wood Between Worlds, which described a widespread memory of the children’s book series Berenstein Bears as “Berenstain,” explaining the false memory as the result of an alternate reality spilling over into our own. In December 2013, the /r/mandelaeffect subreddit was launched for discussions about the phenomenon.

On October 13th, BuzzFeed[14] published an article highlighting various examples of the Mandela Effect. On December 8th, Redditor carc posted an “infographic”: containing various Mandela Effect examples to /r/MandelaEffect (shown below).

On August 5th, 2016, Redditor diamondashtry submitted a post titled “Holy shit – found Berenstein evidence while packing,” claiming to have discovered a Berentstein Bears VHS tape with the names “Berenstein” and “Berenstain” appearing on the official label (shown below). Within 72 hours, the post gained more than 340 votes (93% upvoted) and 180 comments on the /r/MandelaEffect[10] subreddit.

In the comments section, Redditor jumpsiedaisy replied that “basic analyses” on photos showed no traces of digital editing. That day, the news site Heavy published an article titled “Berenstein Bears: Did Reddit Prove the Mandela Effect?”
Many people falsely recall that the American lunch meat company Oscar Mayer is spelled “Oscar Meyer.”

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Woman's Face Found On MARS A Recent Image From Curiosity Rover SOL 137

After looking through some images of Mars Curiosity Rover's I found this ladies face etched in the lake on Mars.

The face on Mars is a really good likeness to a humans full facial features! This is probably millions of years old and looks remarkably like man! The image I found (Tim Lewis) is really eerie don't you think so?

Yet another face on Mars and this one looks better than the first original face on Mars? I was looking for anomalies but nothing like this? Honestly this image is on NASA's front page of their website! It's like they wanted someone to find it?

Yellowknife Bay Formation on Mars. LINK; It's creepy to say the least?

Yellowknife Bay Formation on Mars

The image above is the original image

Original post information;

Feb. 6, 2017
NASA's Curiosity Rover Sharpens Paradox of Ancient Mars.

Mars scientists are wrestling with a problem. Ample evidence says ancient Mars was sometimes wet, with water flowing and pooling on the planet’s surface. Yet, the ancient sun was about one-third less warm and climate modelers struggle to produce scenarios that get the surface of Mars warm enough for keeping water unfrozen. A leading theory is to have a thicker carbon-dioxide atmosphere forming a greenhouse-gas blanket, helping to warm the surface of ancient Mars. However, according to a new analysis of data from NASA's Mars rover Curiosity, Mars had far too little carbon dioxide about 3.5 billion years ago to provide enough greenhouse-effect warming to thaw water ice.

The same Martian bedrock in which Curiosity found sediments from an ancient lake where microbes could have thrived is the source of the evidence adding to the quandary about how such a lake could have existed. Curiosity detected no carbonate minerals in the samples of the bedrock it analyzed. The new analysis concludes that the dearth of carbonates in that bedrock means Mars' atmosphere when the lake existed -- about 3.5 billion years ago -- could not have held much carbon dioxide. "We've been particularly struck with the absence of carbonate minerals in sedimentary rock the rover has examined," said Thomas Bristow of NASA's Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California. "It would be really hard to get liquid water even if there were a hundred times more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than what the mineral evidence in the rock tells us."

Bristow is the principal investigator for the Chemistry and Mineralogy (CheMin) instrument on Curiosity and lead author of the study being published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Curiosity has made no definitive detection of carbonates in any lakebed rocks sampled since it landed in Gale Crater in 2011. CheMin can identify carbonate if it makes up just a few percent of the rock. The new analysis by Bristow and 13 co-authors calculates the maximum amount of carbon dioxide that could have been present, consistent with that dearth of carbonate. In water, carbon dioxide combines with positively charged ions such as magnesium and ferrous iron to form carbonate minerals. Other minerals in the same rocks indicate those ions were readily available. The other minerals, such as magnetite and clay minerals, also provide evidence that subsequent conditions never became so acidic that carbonates would have dissolved away, as they can in acidic groundwater.

The dilemma has been building for years: Evidence about factors that affect surface temperatures -- mainly the energy received from the young sun and the blanketing provided by the planet's atmosphere -- adds up to a mismatch with widespread evidence for river networks and lakes on ancient Mars. Clues such as isotope ratios in today's Martian atmosphere indicate the planet once held a much denser atmosphere than it does now. Yet theoretical models of the ancient Martian climate struggle to produce conditions that would allow liquid water on the Martian surface for many millions of years. One successful model proposes a thick carbon-dioxide atmosphere that also contains molecular hydrogen. How such an atmosphere would be generated and sustained, however, is controversial. The new study pins the puzzle to a particular place and time, with an on-the-ground check for carbonates in exactly the same sediments that hold the record of a lake about a billion years after the planet formed. For the past two decades, researchers have used spectrometers on Mars orbiters to search for carbonate that could have resulted from an early era of more abundant carbon dioxide.

They have found far less than anticipated. "It's been a mystery why there hasn't been much carbonate seen from orbit," Bristow said. "You could get out of the quandary by saying the carbonates may still be there, but we just can't see them from orbit because they're covered by dust, or buried, or we're not looking in the right place. The Curiosity results bring the paradox to a focus. This is the first time we've checked for carbonates on the ground in a rock we know formed from sediments deposited under water." The new analysis concludes that no more than a few tens of millibars of carbon dioxide could have been present when the lake existed, or it would have produced enough carbonate for Curiosity's CheMin to detect it. A millibar is one one-thousandth of sea-level air pressure on Earth. The current atmosphere of Mars is less than 10 millibars and about 95 percent carbon dioxide. "This analysis fits with many theoretical studies that the surface of Mars, even that long ago, was not warm enough for water to be liquid," said Robert Haberle, a Mars-climate scientist at NASA Ames and a co-author of the paper. "It's really a puzzle to me."

Researchers are evaluating multiple ideas for how to reconcile the dilemma. "Some think perhaps the lake wasn't an open body of liquid water. Maybe it was liquid covered with ice," Haberle said. "You could still get some sediments through to accumulate in the lakebed if the ice weren't too thick." A drawback to that explanation is that the rover team has sought and not found in Gale Crater evidence that would be expected from ice-covered lakes, such as large and deep cracks called ice wedges, or "dropstones," which become embedded in soft lakebed sediments when they penetrate thinning ice.

If the lakes were not frozen, the puzzle is made more challenging by the new analysis of what the lack of a carbonate detection by Curiosity implies about the ancient Martian atmosphere. "Curiosity's traverse through streambeds, deltas, and hundreds of vertical feet of mud deposited in ancient lakes calls out for a vigorous hydrological system supplying the water and sediment to create the rocks we're finding," said Curiosity Project Scientist Ashwin Vasavada of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California. "Carbon dioxide, mixed with other gases like hydrogen, has been the leading candidate for the warming influence needed for such a system.

This surprising result would seem to take it out of the running." When two lines of scientific evidence appear irreconcilable, the scene may be set for an advance in understanding why they are not. The Curiosity mission is continuing to investigate ancient environmental conditions on Mars. It is managed by JPL, a division of Caltech in Pasadena, for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Washington. Curiosity and other Mars science missions are a key part of NASA's Journey to Mars, building on decades of robotic exploration to send humans to the Red Planet in the 2030s.

LINK to the site and page;

Bedrock at this site added to a puzzle about ancient Mars by indicating that a lake was present, but that little carbon dioxide was in the air to help keep a lake unfrozen. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

Friday, February 3, 2017

Humans to be FROZEN IN TIME for space travel as scientists move to COLONISE other planets

ASTRONAUTS are being frozen in time in sleeper pods so they can endure long space journeys to far away destinations.

The new pods will see space travellers hibernate, bringing science fiction movies such as Interstellar and the recent Passengers movie, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, to reality. As humanity gears up to colonise other planets the sleeper pods will help with the extremely long journeys. Mars, which is the closest planet to Earth and the top of the interplanetary travel destinations, will take six months to travel to with current technology. Pluto, on the edge of the solar system, took nine and a half years to reach in the fastest, unmanned, spacecraft.

By lowering the average body temperature (37 degrees celsius) to around 32 degrees celsius, the heart rate and blood pressure are also lowered, inducing a state of sleep. Medical professionals already use the tactic to treat sufferers of cardiac arrest and heart failure so that they have more time to asses the damage.

The video above is pretty sweet, read on for more.

space sleep deep sleep to colonise planets

The patients usually stay in a comatose state for up to four days, but Spaceworks – the firm developing the pods using a method it calls “therapeutic hypothermia” – believes that it could make the state last for months. John A. Bradford, president of Spaceworks, told Quartz: “Our goal is to get from days and weeks to months.”


Describing the pods, he said: “There would be some robotic arms and monitoring systems taking care of [the passengers]. “They’d have small transnasal tubes for the cooling and some warming systems as well, to bring them back from stasis.”

Mars mission to colonise the red planet

Spaceworks says that it will begin testing the pods on animals as early as next year with human testing to follow in space and aboard the International Space Station.

mars colony is looking more and more like a yes