Wednesday, January 4, 2017

END OF OUR DAYS PROPHECY: Fears grow for a 2017 event after a Virgin Mary painting cries!

Worshippers reported seeing tears coming from the eyes of a painting of the Virgin Mary
The Virgin Mary is crying tears in a miracle

Oh well, here we go again!

The roller coaster that is "the end of days" is upon us all AGAIN lol. This time though, there's direct proof (lightly sprinkled) because a painting of the Virgin Mary start's to cry! This is just amazing "if true"? There's been so many so-called prophecies in the past of Armageddon but obviously NONE have come true and NONE have even rattled any feathers? I think this is because we can't tell the future!

No matter who is saying the "end times are near"? Not o'e person on this planet can tell the future! It's literally and basically as simple as that! There's no Pastor, Vicar, Priest, Imam, Hindu Priest, Presidents, Prime Minister, Gandhi, Dali Lama, Heavens Gate, Scientology, Pope etc etc! Nobody can tell the future especially a palm reader! Deciphering tea leaves is just not gunna cut it guys. I'm sorry but there you have it, reality!

Worshippers spotted the teardrops and pointed them out to their priest
Worshippers spotted the tears

Anyway's back to the story.

VISITORS are flocking to a tiny village church after worshippers reported seeing tears coming from the eyes of a painting of the Virgin Mary. It is the second time in less than a year that the phenomenon has been reported at the Church of the Holy Archangel Michael in the village of Trubarevo near the Macedonian capital city of Skopje.

Witnesses said that the latest tears were first spotted on New Year's Day - exactly a week before Orthodox Christmas which is celebrated on January 7. Worshippers spotted the teardrops and pointed them out to their priest who has contacted Macedonian Orthodox Church officials asking them to confirm the miracle. It comes less than nine months after tears were spotted on the same icon in April - just before Easter. Scientists, as well as Christians, then came from far and wide to see the phenomenon for themselves.

The Church of the Holy Archangel Michael in Trubarevo near the Macedonian capital city
Where the "miracle" happened
Tears from an icon are generally interpreted by believers as a sign or warning of a future event. Risto Setinov, the president of the local church board, said: "When the priest finished his Sunday morning service, one believer noticed a few drops coming from the left eye of the Virgin. "Father Boban took some wool and wiped it, smelt it and said it smelled of Holy myrrh.

After that, a few more drops came down the face of the icon. "We remained in the church all day and the drops kept appearing." The news of the miracle has been reported to Archbishop Stefan Veljanovski, the head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church. Archbishop Veljanovski reportedly prayed in front of the icon and said that he believed the tears were a sign from God.

We all know "how" and "what" the Vatican can get up to in this world? You only have to watch a couple of conspiracy theory videos to get another point of view about the Catholic Church? I'm not against the Catholic Church, I'm just against the bad things that some of them have done to other people and whole even communities! Some people still cannot get over the devastation's left behind by some Priest's.

Here is a "supposed" image of a statue of the Virgin Mary that is crying BLOOD? Can this really happen in this real world? I think not and maybe this was done so as to strengthen peoples conviction in believing in Christ? Is that a bad thing I hear you ask? I say this, YES!
You don't play around with peoples beliefs and create a statue crying blood! It's wrong, it's false, it's a lie, it's a complete hoax and sacrilege to say the least. Fraud is a crime and God only know's what this law it fall's under? Crimes against the soul? Crimes against Heaven? Crimes against God himself?

That all depend's upon if you believe in God in the first place?

The Virgin Mary statue here is supposedly crying blood?
Virgin Mary crying blood