Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Illuminati is blasting us with "happy drugs and viruses through chemtrails"

Oh my God, this is just as disgusting as it get's and it's right up there with mass murder, genocide, gassing people and murder! This is a true crime against humanity, on such a scale that you need another meter added on to the existing meter just so you can "visualize" the scale of this hideousness and cowardly behaviour that is being inflicted on the world's populations, chemtrails.

I actually added the title of this post as a kind of "mockery title" to the mainstream media "wet wipes" because for them, it's something new? WTF! New, this isn't new, it's been going on for many, many years. We (in the know of sort's) whom are savvy and alert have known for the longest time that this is going on. I mean, the actual aeroplanes have been modified to spray chemicals on us all.
  • Can you not see these things? OR, you can see them but you are not allowed to report on such things because the "people" at the helm of your wet wipe won't allow you to report on this? 
It makes me wonder if these people have a soul? In my other post's I have addressed this question and even then I couldn't come to an solid answer? I just don't think they have a soul! I even thought if what they was doing was good - like for the good of mankind? To combat some deadly disease or some Alien parasite that came here via a huge meteor shower and polluted the whole world? I quickly shook my head and realised I was falling down a massive hole if I continue thinking like this!

Geoengineering is a massive problem and a problem that needs addressing. The governments of the world need to confront these so-called scientists/meddlers and ask them to stop and desist! Assist in the stopping of killing us all, it's not hard to do is it? I mean, the amounts of evidence is compelling and overwhelming so should be at least discussed by politicians?

Or is it one of them "crack pot" theories that can't be proven? personally all they need to do is look up at the sky and they can see for themselves the evidence? The planes are not only leaving contrails but chemtrails and deadly noxious gasses!

Anyways, here's a post I found online from the express online. They seem to blame the Illuminati?