Saturday, November 19, 2016

Scientists say This Is What Aliens Will Look Like For Sure

Here's my take on what Aliens will look like. I have a pretty good imagination but it is based on common sense and reality. I am looking at Aliens that make things with their own hands and that they put things together like we do, in a way that is productive and has an end goal in sight that will benefit them?

What will Aliens look like if we come across them?
Will this be what Aliens look like?
Will aliens be delicate, hairless creatures with big almond eyes, as UFO fans believe – or big slimy, green blobs with eyes on stalks? Probably neither, scientists say – in fact, we've got a lot of wrong ideas about aliens.

For a start, they almost certainly won’t be insectoid at all – or at least they won’t be if they come from a planet like ours. They might also have fingers like ours, says Matthew Wills of the University of Bath. Wills says, Insects are by far the most species rich group on Earth: why shouldn't aliens look more like them?

This is what a reptile Alien lizrd person will look like
Reptilian lizard people
‘Unfortunately, having your skeleton on the outside makes growth difficult, and entails periodic shedding and regrowth. ‘On Earth-like planets, all but relatively small terrestrial animals with external skeletons would collapse under their own weight during moulting, and some critical size may be necessary for suitably complex brains.

Reptile lizard people
Reptile lizards
‘Relatively large brains, some degree of tool use and problem-solving abilities appear to be correlated on Earth, and have evolved multiple times: in apes, whales, dolphins, dogs, parrots, crows and octopuses. ‘However, the apes have developed tool use to a vastly greater degree.

‘This is at least partly the result of walking on two legs, which frees up the front limbs, and because of the dexterity of our fingers (which may also be a key to the origins of written language).

So now some of that was from a website with my awesome images included. But because they brought this idea up I thought I'de give you my take on this. You see the reptiles above, I think an Alien would look like this because they are powerful, aggressive, intelligent, brave and very, very clever intelligent beings!

Aliens hands needed for invention manipulation
Manipulation of objects in 3D
Aliens brains must be big
Aliens must have a big processor and processing power (big brain)
Aliens bodies inside a skeleton
Innards on the inside of a skeleton
Aliens bodies not to big and not to small
Alien bodies not to big and not to small
Aliens bodies being able to fit on flying saucers
Aliens big enough to just fit on conventional flying saucers
So what does all this mean;
A perfect Alien being would be around 3 - 4 feet tall, eyes in stereo, fingers to manipulate objects in to endless shapes, intelligence, bravery, curiosity, ability to reproduce soon rather than to long, communication skills, astronomy, astrology and a very good understanding of materials, elements, minerals and the biggest of them all is co-operation within a team.

That for me, is the key to a successful Alien civilization. Getting along with one another and to aim for a common goal is paramount and the key to success. Communication is key. When we communicate by radio, microwaves, laser's etc we do it with ENCRYPTED communications sometimes. These Aliens will probably encrypt "all" their communications aswell and that's why we cannot understand the energy waves or radio waves and infra-red waves. It is probably because it is all encrypted and we just don't have the technology (as yet) to understand what we are hearing coming from space?

Telescope radio waves
Radio waves
Just think about that for a moment? Is the "WOW" signal an encrypted message? We send our data encrypted and with reason, why shouldn't these Aliens encrypt everything they send out in data packages? It is a foundation of digital data. Everything is encrypted and not for the reasons you would expect? There's the health data, bank data, personal data, data that is encrypted so not to be lost or mishandled?

The reasons for sending data is endless? When you look up at the sun, that is pure energy! It also could be a refuelling station with a specific energy signal that is scanned before using which tells the Aliens its in use? Just like a petrol station does, you see a specific logo and know it's a BP or a Shell? The sun (ours) could have a specific energy signal and so it may belong to an Alien race that will later charge the cube UFO for refuelling at one of it's energy reserves?

We just might not be aware that someone or something owns it? It or they, could own a whole chain of suns in this "district". We have proof that Aliens are refuelling at our sun because we have witnessed it first hand!
See image below;

Cube UFO refuelling at our energy rich sun
UFO refuelling at our sun