Sunday, October 9, 2016

Moon Base Image Accidentally Released On A Live Post AMAZING!

This amazing image was accidentally released by an top online media distributor. The image (below) was released by Daily Mail Online which is a top news distributor and has been known in the past to post stories about the moon and then quickly take them down.

We are giving this new image a name, we call it Moon Base Alpha. We have more images from the mail online that they have published before. Scroll down further to see them images.
The secret Moon Base Alpha
Moon Base Alpha

The very famous antenna dish on the moon. This is a massive leap in history. People always knew there was a moon base, now this proves it.
 This second moon base was discovered in about 1945 in Germany. As you can see the craters are where Aliens are mining for nuclear mushrooms, made by Elves and not Elvis.
As you can see this is not the moon or a moon base. Sorry for getting you excited, it is just a little joke please make sure you like. Like you would, lol.

The full image released by the mail online is below. It is nothing more than a clever or not so clever camera angle that looks really like a moon base, depending on how you look at it? Its a Trump scandal again.

The VATICAN Is Fully Aware Of Aliens, Space Wars And Zero Point Energy (LEAKED EMAILS)

You need to read the emails to get this post, or at least read a little bit of them both to at least understand the gist?
OMG I am sure your fully aware of the recent emails been released from Wiki Leaks? After going through some of the fascinating correspondences between the 6th man to walk on the Moon Edgar Mitchell, and John Podesta who is Hillary Clintons campaign manager/lackey/toady/coffee guy ect. These frickin emails show Edgar Mitchell telling J.P that the Vatican is fully aware of the presence of Aliens in space and get this, they are teaching us about ZERO POINT ENERGY! I say us, but I really mean the USA military, NASA etc.
Hillary Clinton and aliens
Hillary Clinton is in cahoots with ET's, the Vatican and ex astronauts.
Shocking Hillary Clinton's, leaked emails reveal discussions on Space wars, UFOs and ET's. Just follow that highlighted link to the page.

This is huge you guys. This means Hillary knows about Aliens, Obama knows and Trump is... Well, Trump! the bread crumbs tell's me this! Hillary is next president, the Vatican already knows this and the ZERO POINT ENERGY is already been worked on! If not already it's the next big splash for someone (Hillary) to push and become a great president? Not just a woman president but a president that gave us all free energy and in conjunction with Obama who will probably be seen and told to us that he paved the way etc for this monument time in history to be achieved? I'm talking about free energy or Zero Point Energy? that's all an assumption but with what I've read, this makes sense? Why though? Why would the government keep it a secret and let Hillary announce it? Free energy is a right isn't it? Are the Aliens aware of our leaders keeping it to themselves? What are the ETI's getting from us? Here is Edgar Mitchell wanting to tell us about Zero Point Energy in John Podesta's email;
It is urgent that we agree on a date and time to meet to discuss Disclosure and Zero Point Energy, at your earliest available after your departure. My Catholic colleague Terri Mansfield will be there too, to bring us up to date on the Vatican’s awareness of ETI.
I have so many assumptions about this its crazy. I need my tin foil hat and pink socks but I think they're in the washing machine?
Here's an image shot I pulled from the email, I've underlined what I think is really important -

WTF! The Vatican is aware? The Vatican's awareness? Theres a space war? Or there is not a space war? Have you read the emails? I'm fucking confused, have you read this crazy stuff? The emails "if real" are mind blowing? Theres a speeding up space war? What's going on here or has someone with blonde hair, wanted for 2 rapes in Sweden finally gone crazy? Yes I'm talking about Julian Assange. this is all from Wiki Leaks and I just don't know what to say? He's still influencing politics years on is Julian Assange. He's got some scary stuff and is really giving us an insight in to how fucked up the worlds politicians are. Aliens? really? I hope so because it validates my beliefs, not that I need it, but it does nonetheless!

Image result for vatican knows about alien images

Here is an excerpt from the space treaty I am linking to;


In other words fuck you to the other 80 odd countries who sign it? This is a tiny bit of the bullshit they have signed, lied, and general drivelled on about.

The Vatican knows about ETI. Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Entities. Aliens to be specific. But not just any old Aliens these are from the Contiguous Universe, YES that's right folks, they have a home. this is frickin mind melt, brain fart in a cup stuff. I'm typing out loud lol and this sounds like I need a bathroom break in the way of a lab coat and three doctors. To hear the truth backed up by rock solid evidence feels so good. It feels like what I have been saying for many years is infact now come to realise and I don't really know how I feel?
Glad, yes.
Happy, no.
sad, a little.
Because what now? Disclosure is only a matter of months I believe. It is 99% going to happen in my life time and that is freaky. Edgar Mitchell knows his stuff he supposedly walked on the moon (if it was not a hoax) and is fully aware of the Alien presence that is clear. If it was a hoax and he still goes on saying he walked on the moon then what? What do we believe in?

Image result for vatican knows about alien images
Hover over the image; The Catholic Church knows everything
This must be bullshit if you believe no-one walked on the moon because it all hinges on this guy Edgar Mitchell, AND he says there's Aliens from the Contiguous Universe? So there's a dilemma if ever I saw one? What do YOU believe? please leave me comments, I know this post is a little unprepared but I think I got it all out if not in order, but look past that and what do YOU think?

And what is the "they will not tolerate any forms of military violence in space or on earth? I just don't get this stuff? Is he in contact with them? look at Iraq, Afghanistan? Do they mean any nuclear violence? it must mean that because we are already at war, many wars infact across the world?

Are we alone in
The truth is coming very soon my friends
Cosmic consequences what does that mean? Read this article I followed from Edgar Mitchells email to John Podesta where he asked Podesta to follow a link to an article about preserving our future, there's a few subtle hints within the first few paragraphs about "Cosmic Consequences" What does this mean? I want to know if this email release is legit or are we been double talked, back looped and misunderstood, misunderstanding, lied to, double talk, back flips and disclosed, not disclosed or is it just what it is, disclosure on a "leaked level"? Because this ALL could be some part of the Governments game, so could Wiki Leaks?

 all secret alien files
She fucking knows, she knows

Strange "UFO' Filmed Hovering & Landing Over A Block Of Flats In Moscow As Locals Claim It's Not The First Sighting"

footage of ufo landing in moscow captured by a resident stirs fears
Very strange UFO hovering over Moscow
Witnesses in the Russian capital of Moscow are reporting seeing an extremely strange and bright ball of light. The mysterious glowing object has been seen flying over residential buildings in the city and Online commentators are now saying that they have noticed this strange object before. It's not the first time people say Aliens have visited their city before, so my question is this, WTF? Why Moscow, why the crappiest place on Gods green earth are Aliens visiting there? 

This is the moment a UFO shaped as a ball of light was caught on camera in Moscow. The video was filmed by an onlooker on his mobile phone. The footage, which shows a bright ball of light flying over blocks of flats, scored thousands of views after it was posted online.

1st Source;
• The footage was shot in Moscow
• The footage was shot on a mobile phone
• Authorities have not commented on the incident yet

MOSCOW, Russia - Causing a widespread social media spook, a footage of a bright and huge ball of light scouting the skies of the Russian capital city was captured by a resident. The resident who captured the footage of the ‘UFO’ in Moscow, using a mobile phone camera, uploaded it on the internet and instantly the video went viral, with thousands of UFO experts, alien hunters, space enthusiasts watching it and sharing their comments and debating what the object could be. The video shows the ball of light moving up and down over blocks of residential flats and buildings in Moscow’s Marfino District, leading even the mainstream Russian media to comment on the object. 

The resident who captured the unnatural occurrence talks about the sighting in the background, in a voice filled with shock and fear. While officials from Kremlin have remained mum about the video or any supernatural, extraterrestrial presence - one commentator said, “You can see this UFO quite often in Moscow, I’ve seen it two times this year. They are even more frequent in other cities.” Another person who viewed the video said, “I have no idea what this thing was. UFO is the first thing which comes to mind.” One UFO expert claimed that Russia has been fighting a battle against a race of aliens living underwater for decades now, stirring up another conspiracy all together, leading to many old files, claims and conspiracy theories to come to light and be discussed on the social media.

2nd Source;

The UFO can be seen hovering in the sky. Russian officials have not commented on the matter but some viewers said it was not the first time it had been sighted. Local man Vasya Mirny said: 'You can see this UFO quite often in Moscow, I've seen it two times this year. They are even more frequent in other cities.' Another, Yulia, added: 'I have no idea what this thing was. UFO is the first thing which comes to mind.