Tuesday, September 27, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Police Thermal Cameras Reveal Invisible UFO Over UK

Bristol flying saucer caught by cops
Shocked British cops capture a UFO on thermal camera
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An unidentified flying object (UFO) that was invisible to the naked eye apparently capable of being seen in footage from a police helicopter. Police officers piloting a chopper discovered the button-shaped aerial object zipping through the air over the Bristol Channel.

Details posted along with the video revealed that the air traffic control did not detect the mysterious shape, and it was only spotted on thermal cameras. The cops dismissed obvious suggestions as to what it could be since the UFO had a heat signature and was travelling against the wind.

A police chopper based in St. Athan, a small village in South Wales, reportedly captured the footage, which was later uploaded to its Twitter account. Information posted to its account revealed the strange craft was discovered flying around 1000 feet up at 9:30 pm on Saturday evening. Multiple viewers said it was a balloon or Chinese lantern, but these explanations can be ruled out with the heat and movement of the UFO. 

Without obvious answers as to what the chopper just recorded on video, many suggested it was aliens. The police Twitter account indicated that it was not a lantern as it was going into the wind. It adds that they filmed it for over seven minutes, but it ‘s hard to judge the size.
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A tiny little cute Alien with piercing, glowing white eyes just casually walks across the road gets to a car and just vanishes in to thin air with a glowing white trail left behind it? The guy I got this from thinks it could be CGI? I too have my reservations about this one? I will reserve my judgement for later if any new evidence comes to light? But still, you cant help but feel for the little chap, can you?

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This is a UFO being carried by a flat-bed truck somewhere in the USA?
The other videos are mind blowing.