Sunday, September 11, 2016

No Way is This a Selfie of the Mars Rover, IT IS NOT A MOSAIC PUT TOGETHER

Theres just no way this is a selfie or Big Sky Selfie as they call it? You CANT take a photo of something that isnt there and why? The shadow gives this away, its in one spot and if it took multiple shots and pasted them together, why is the robotic arm's shade still in one place? Because it was taken by someone else on the Martian surface. This is an impossible shot with the shadows all been in one direction, theres no way it was taken altogether, the shadows must be at different angles? This is BUSTED big time, NASA lies as usual, unless they cloned Houdini and put up to it, this is B.S im calling it.

mars rover taking a selfie
No way this is a mosaic put together

Another UFO Found in Mars Rover Image 11th September 2016

Source; Mars Curiosity Gallery
Date Found; 11th September 2016
By Tim Lewis

mars rover find ufo
Mars Rover UFO
Whilst perusing the Martian Images I simply clicked on the very first image and BAM, there it was just looking at me? I started to think rationally like, dust, pixels etc. But after looking at it, there is what seems to be another UFO just to the left and down (sound familiar?) because its exactly the same thing that happened in my last Mars image. A UFO and another just left and down a bit? What are the odd's of that happening twice?

ufo on mars hovering
Martian UFO
I mean it doesn't get any better than this, the first 2 times I go look for the very first times, I get lucky I suppose, and find 2 anomalies straight away? What are the odd's of that happening? It's gotta be a million to 1? But there they are, in plain Martian daylight. Its exciting to find one, but 2 one after the other on separate days, WOW. Tim Lewis

A young mother is beaten up for a SECOND time 1 year to the day, after learning no-one would be prosecuted

Warning graphic content.
If this countries so-called Police couldn't get any worse, here we an excellent example of the inept, over paid Police giving the public yet another "sterling" job. It makes me sick to the stomach when I hear about injustices going on not only in the world, but right in our own back yard. It would have to be the Welsh Police wouldnt it? Do I really need to say abymore than that? They used to be a good Police force but not now, not anymore. That's my personal view on the matter. We hope Ms Edwards get's better soon and moves away from that area, start new, a fresh start. Best of luck, Tim L. Lewis

police do nothing as teen mother is beaten
2 times to the year ago teen mother beaten

A teenage mother has been beaten up a second time - almost exactly a year after she learned no one would be prosecuted over the previous attack. Tia Jade Edwards, 17, suffered a broken nose and possible damage to her eye socket, which may need surgery. In September 2015, she learned no-one would be prosecuted over a beating three months before, in which she suffered a black eye, cuts and swollen lips.

North Wales Police had questioned three people following the previous incident but the Crown Prosecution Service said there was insufficient evidence to secure a conviction. A family member said Tia was in a 'terrible state' when police were called to an address in Colwyn Bay after this Friday's alleged attack, which is believed to have taken place before 10pm. The relative said Tia, who is said to be extremely upset and at home recovering with relatives, could require further hospital treatment. The college student was admitted to Ysbyty Hospital Glan Clwyd following the assault. She may need surgery on a broken nose and there are concerns about her eye socket and teeth. Tia has an eight-month-old daughter who was staying with relatives at the time.

teen mum student beaten up again
Pictured here in 2015

Ms Edwards may need surgery on a broken nose and there are concerns about her eye socket and teeth. She is pictured here in 2015.

The family said a man has been arrested following the incident, but North Wales Police have yet to confirm the arrest. In July last year, Tia made national headlines after she was attacked at a house party in Abergele and photos posted on Facebook sparked outrage from hundreds of people who called for justice. Her guardian Alison Faulds said at the time: 'I am fuming. She is a 16 year-old girl and it's not like she did it to herself. 'Tia is fuming as well because justice has failed. If someone gets away with this they can do it again. 'The evidence is all over Facebook, yet they told me they couldn't use any of the evidence on Facebook.'

ms edwards, her mother said she was beaten up
July last year
In July last year, Tia made national headlines after she was attacked at a house party in Abergele Two women, both aged 37, and a youth were questioned by North Wales Police in relation to the incident and were released on police bail but no charges were brought. A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service said at the time: 'Having considered the available evidence in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors, we concluded that there is insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction in this case.'

Hillary Clinton is Incapacitated and Drops to the Floor During 9/11 World Trade Memorial Event

This is the moment Hillary Clinton is seen to collapse to the floor whilst been held up by her security team. The video shows her guards quickly getting Hillary to her feet and ushering her straight into the waiting van. Her closest aides have spoken out and said it was a medical episode of overheating, but we here think it is a little dodgy that they automatically know the results of any tests straight away?

Do you find this as odd just like we do? It could be a thousand and one things that dropped her? It could be anything, but we wont go into any details as yet because the tests haven't been finished as yet unlike her aides... She could of been poisoned, heart attack, anything?

God forbid it wasnt anything like that because life is precious and always a sad day for families when something like this happens no matter what side of the Trump fence you sit? Trump supporters will be loving this and probably see this as a sign that their man is chosen by a higher power to lead and is sending everybody a message saying she is not fit enough to lead from the front?

Hillary Clinton Heart Attack, overheated, collapsed
The moment after Hillary Clinton Collapses