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The Crimean 7 Pyramids, built before dinosaurs roamed the Earth?

It appears that Ukrainian researchers have come across one of the most important discoveries in recent years as they accidentally discovered a set of megalithic constructions and pyramids in the peninsula of Crimea, well-known in ancient history for archaeological and historical treasures from different cultures and ancient civilizations ranging from the Greeks and Romans to the Genoese and Ottoman Turks. Crimea is an autonomous republic of Ukraine, it is located at the northern coast of the Black Sea.

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crimean pyramids with ancient king mummy
Pyramids built before the Dinosaurs

The series of formations was discovered for the first time in 1999 by Vitalij Gokh who worked for the soviet military for over thirty years. After his long career in the Soviet military, After his long career in the Soviet military, Gokh decided to become a researcher which led him to the discovery of the Pyramids. Gokh claimed that just like there were submerged towns in the region, there were buried pyramids and other megalithic structures in the Crimean peninsula.

Gokh was a former engineer thus he had very good knowledge with magnetic resonance instruments. Gokh even built a device to search for subterranean deposits of water since the area of Sevastopol had very poor water supplies. According to Gokh’s website, the devices, invented by Vitaly A. Gokh (Method of geoholography and geohydrodiagnostics) enable the detection of elements of the Mendeleev Periodic Table; oil and gas deposits, mechanisms and devices of various kinds, material objects both in the Earth and in the areas of remote Space. The devices use analogs or models in order to record structural field or the snapshots of the planets, stars, constellations, areas of Space, executed by means of satellites or telescopes.

Thanks to these instruments, Gokh was able to discover several limestone blocks which had regular dimensions, ca. 2.5 by 1.5 meters and Goks and his team “assumed” these were of artificial origin. Interestingly, the instrument invented by Gokh also revealed that from the top of one of the structures, three beams of energy emanated, at frequencies 900×109 Hz, 700×109 Hz and 500×109 Hz. Around the pyramid, a field of 10×109 Hz was found. Gokh and his team state that the surrounding layers of one of the structures reveals that the “underground pyramid” was originally above the surface in “open air” but due to flooding, the whole area sank together with the structures.

king mummy crimea pyramid burried
Ancient Pyramid Underground Crimea

According to ICTV and the Crimean News agency; Ukrainian scientist Vitalij Gokh discovered an unknown underground ‘structure’, which proved to be a giant pyramid of 45 meters in height and a length of about 72 meters. Goh said that the pyramid was built during the time of the dinosaurs. The “Crimean pyramid” has a truncated top, like a Mayan pyramid, but its appearance is more like an Egyptian one. It is hollow inside, and a mummy of a unknown creature is buried under the foundation. It is noteworthy to mention that until today the information regarding the veracity and existence of the pyramids has not been proven nor accepted by archaeologists.

In an interview with ICTV, researcher Vitaliy Gokh stated that he doesn’t know who built the megalithic structures in the Crimean peninsula, but the pyramids could prove to be the oldest structures on the planet to date. So far around 7 pyramids have been registered forming a straight line which traveled from Sarych to Baia Kamyshovaia, and which runs northwest-southeast, one of these “pyramids” is located underwater in the vicinity of the city of Foros. In total, Gokh believes that there are around 39 pyramidal structures and monolithic buildings in the entire Crimean peninsula. Unfortunately, in the case of Gokh, his claims were so outlandish, that the Crimean pyramids have gone largely unreported. But it seems that there is at least something there. It may even be a pyramid. It seems, however, that no-one is willing to do even the most basic validation of that possibility. (Source)

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UFO Found Hovering in the Sky on Mars 10th September 2016

Image put up on 9th September 2016
Source; NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Date found; 10th September 2016

This image is the third one in the slideshow but the full size image is on this page;
"Farewell to Murray Buttes (Image 2)" is what they have called this one?
If you look at the full size image you can even just make out another UFO just to the left and down of the 1st UFO it could be off in the distance? You have to look at the full size image on this link and decide for yourself, but this is a blatant NASA give away.
It is there for anyone to see and probably put there on purpose from a NASA employee? I wish it was as good as that, but you have to admit this one is a great picture and could be an actual UFO on Mars? I hope it is?
Thank you for stopping by, Tim L. Lewis
ufo on mars
Mars UFO Anomaly

Ancient Head, Statue Found on Mars September 10th 2016

After going through a few images I came across this amazing find from this image click here;

A sweeping panorama combining 33 telephoto images into one Martian vista presents details of several types of terrain visible on Mount Sharp from a location along the route of NASA's Curiosity Mars rover. The component images were taken by the rover's Mast Camera on April 10, 2015.
 Thats the official line, but as you can see this is something out of the extraordinary? it could be just the head sticking out of a full statue? It has the resemblance of a human being?
I was actually looking up the image of a hovering orb, when this just shouted from the screen.
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martian head found on mars
Mars Head in solid stone petrified 

head on mars
To scale showing location right, bottom

petrified stone head mars
Location of artefact