Friday, September 9, 2016

British Soldier Bill Brooks Abducted by Aliens Whilst Serving at Sennelager, Germany

aliens ufo bill brooks
Bill Brooks

Bill Brooks joined the army in 1968 and claims he was subjected to an alien abduction while serving at the nuclear weapons base at Sennelager, Germany. But this incident was just the tip of the iceberg in a lifetime of contact with extraterrestrials which began when he was a boy. Incredibly he did not realise what had been happening to him until he experienced a “memory download” when he was 44 years old. A professional musician after leaving the army, he claimed to have had an encounter with a UFO when returning from a gig and then just two hours later a flood of memories was triggered – reminding him of seemingly mind-wiped UFO experiences as a child and disturbing encounters in the military.

alien encounter abducted ufo
Abducted by Aliens
 The ex-squaddie revealed he was told the Sennelager base was shared with a detachment of American agents who were from Area 51 – the infamous alien-sighting base. The now 66-year-old claims he witnessed a "mass abduction" event as soldiers on the base walked mesmerised into a bright light. He said he was dozing on top of a Saracen military vehicle when he came too and realised what was happening.

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UFO Sightings

ufo abduction case bill brooks
Abducted by Alien Entities

The soldier said he was then held at gunpoint by an agent and forced to follow his comrades who were marching in a trance-like state across the base. Brooks described him as a “man dressed in black, with chiselled blonde hair, who probably was American, wearing a little blue patch on his right sleeve”. 

A Soccer Ball Sized UFO Shaped Like a Star in the Sky Over Revere, Massachusetts

alien ufo sighting massachusetts, revere

Source; Revere Massachusetts
Reported at MUFON; Case 78541
Date; May 26th 2016
Shape Size; Basket-Ball Sized, Star Shape
Time; 10:30am

Basket-ball-like UFO spotted above the sky in Revere, Massachusetts was travelling at tree top level. It was about the size of Basket-ball, according to the reported witness testimony filed in Case 78541 of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The strange event reportedly took place around 10:30 in the morning on May 26, 2016. The witness was in his living room upstairs when he happened to glance out of his window. He noticed a white and grey angular object flying silently in a straight line just in front of the trees and was coming from some power lines. He described the object as a little bit bigger than a basket-ball and appeared to be like a star.

The witness said the object was moving at the tree top level and was silent as it moved through Revere, MA. (Credit: Google)
Massachusetts, Revere UFO Sighting
The witness said the object was moving at the tree top level and was silent as it moved through Revere, MA. (Credit: Google)

He saw no wings, propellers or any propulsion systems that could be seen on an airplane. Although he was stunned to witness the mysterious incident, he did not feel any threat at all, the witness claimed. Unfortunately, he did not have the time to get his camera and record the unusual activity because the UFO flew off quickly out of sight, according to the witness in his report. He chose not to tell his neighbours about the encounter as he believed they would not understand him at all and then think he was crazy.

Revere is a city in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, population 51,755. No photos or videos were included with the MUFON report, which was filed on August 19, 2016. The witness did submit one illustration of the object. Massachusetts Field Investigator Eric Hartwig is investigating. Please remember that most UFO sightings can be explained as something natural or man-made. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Please report UFO activity to case 78541.
Tim Lewis

The fast moving object did not allow the witness to capture a photograph or video. Pictured: Revere, MA. (Credit: Google)
UFO at Tree Top Level

The fast moving object did not allow the witness to capture a photograph or video. Pictured: Revere, MA. (Credit: Google)

2 Mars Images That Look The Same From Different Locations

After looking through 2 Mars famous images of Alien structures (anomalies) I realised that there's 2 things in common with these separate images? have a look for yourself and see what you think? It could be 2 similar bases that was part of a defence system on Mars?

similar Martian Alien base not a tank
Similar looking Mars Bases Not A Tank
A definite Alien base not a tank
This is a Martian Alien Base
 The image above was found by the Mars Curiosity Rover if you click here you'll see the full entire image from NASA's own archives. People say it's a tank, its a look out post etc. But that's based on OUR tanks, our technology? this is Mars, Martian technology. Please don't confuse the two. It's totally separate evolution path's, separate technology path's because of different planet's, I mean that's a no brainer... right?

Let's not forget that whilst some people (me included) think that the human race originates from Mars, it could quite be that Aliens from another planet, solar system dimension are using or have used Mars as a station post which then buys into the defence system theory? It's all quite anal and tedious in some parts because theories especially about Mars start to intermingle with one another and start to become hazy.

I dont think these are tanks, I think that these are Alien bases from long, long ago. Size is not an issue because as we humans know that life can be huge (dinosaurs) and life can be tiny (bacteria etc). Ide like to see your comments on this one? I have to admit that one thing we can all agree on is that these are not made by mother nature but intelligent life!