Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Mandela Effect is it real

This guy nails it! He hit's it right on the head. The Mandela Effect is real, it's here to stay and we better get used to things changing! Our past is not set in stone and it never has been? It's there to be played with and these moe foes are absolutely doing just that! They're playing with the past to influence the future. YOU don't need to time travel in to the future because you've already done it!

Don't even try to influence it. Don't try to influence the future because it's already taken care of! NOW that's not to say you can't do something amazing with your life. You can do alsorts and yes, you can do anything. They're taking care of Nibiru, CERN and other secrets like the Vatican knows when the end of the earth is so they've been trying to "FIX" it.

That's why you'll start to see some pretty strange things happening. Breaking news, then no breaking news. Jets crashing then it never happened, type things. Almost like a UFO crashing - then over night, it vanishes from the face of the planet? But I could be wrong lol?