Tuesday, December 13, 2016

NASA footage shows ‘UFO mothership’ crash landed on Mars a long time ago

I'm the conspiracy theorist who suggest's this is a UFO. I think this is a bone fide UFO sitting on the surface of the red planet. Mars has a rich history of anomalies. There's just so many thing's to report on? NASA is up to something? Is it a hoax, is it real? Who know's what is real and what is not?

This sure look's like a downed UFO? Was it crashed on purpose by an Alien in trouble? Did they have to leave it for some reason? Is it a crazy looking natural looking formation? If it is a downed UFO, could we get some technology from it? For one thing though, this is definitely a strange thing! If it's of Alien origin I couldn't tell you?

UFO on Mars is a definite

Here's what other's have to say about it;

The location of the spacecraft is alleged to be near the Tharsis and Elysium volcanic areas of the Red Planet. It was spotted by the conspiracy theorists in a photo taken by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor. They believe the UFO “crash landed” on the surface of the planet and has been abandoned there ever since. The reason for the crash remains unknown.

UFO crash landing on Mars in shocking NASA clip

"If we take a look at the crash site we see that the UFO, which is approximately 190 metres wide, impacted the surface at a low angle, ending up half buried in the Martian soil,” the alien hunter explains in the YouTube video. He adds: ”In 2000, the Mars Global Surveyor captured many images of the Medusae Fossae formation and it was Steve Wingate, a NASA image specialist who discovered a very unusual object half-buried in the Martian soil, what appears to be a crashed alien craft.

"Despite frantic efforts to make his amazing finding public, the image mysteriously disappeared several times from his site but surprisingly the image released on October 16, 2000, remained on the NASA servers till now." The video has now been viewed more than 107,000 times but not all viewers were convinced. One wrote: “A meteorite collided with Mars and the impact crater is where you have imagined you can see an alien spacecraft. “The white area to the right is a debris field showing ice.”

NASA footage shows moment alien spacecraft lands on Mars

Another added: “Lol these always make me laugh.” Recently a “fleet of UFOs” spotted over Turkey sent Twitter into a frenzy when the hashtag #ufoattack started trending. Baffled stargazers shared a number of strange videos on social media showing bizarre lights filling the night sky. That video emerged after one man claimed to have “summoned a UFO fleet” in another crazy video.