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Giants do exist on planet earth
Giants are real and once lived on planet Earth
Is the Vatican plotting to cover up an ancient world?


The Vatican is a city, well guarded, inside Rome. It’s the smallest state in the world with a population of only 842. The city is not ruled by an emperor, a king or a prime minister. The city is ruled by the Pope himself. The Vatican is the city of the Pope. The pope resides in a palace named Apostolic Palace inside the small state. The area is well known for its tourism. They offer tours to visit chapels, basilica, and museums.

The Vatican and the alien agenda they are covering up
Covering up man-kinds history
They seem to be covering up the history of mankind. They always said that our ancestors goes back thousand and thousand of years from now and was inferior human beings, not as intellectually developed as we are today. Presences of mega structures that are still present today and are dated in that time period seem to be in contrary of what they are saying. Some believe the Catholic Church, including evidently the Vatican, is well aware of aliens and are even preparing for their arrival. Some people tend to say that the Vatican, with the help of their “Lucifer” device, is monitoring, relentlessly, the sky in search for “something”.

The Pope is helping to cover up man kinds history and is lying to the public
The Pope is covering up our history
Some specialists and well renowned persons in that field of research and study, say that some artefacts and proofs of another race have been confiscated by the Vatican. Some witnesses have been “controlled” and silenced plus there has been stories made up to cover their tracks. One only has to wonder what "other - secrets" the Vatican is keeping from us that goes back to the pre-flood era, world? One might think of Giants and or "other entities" that the Vatican could know about and keep those secrets away from public. We are only left to wonder why are those secrets not made public for the good of the human beings.

I believe that the Vatican is hiding prophecies that have all come true and with some prophecies left to emerge they are keeping it secret. The Vatican knew that Hitler would rise. They knew about Napoleon, Roosevelt, JFK, collapse of the USSR, man landing on the moon, and the year they did it! The Vatican knows all about this stuff from prophecies that were made 300+ years ago by a woman. Everything she foretold and wrote down has come to pass and I might add, with some stuff still to come, the Vatican are staying tight lipped about the rest of the "yet-to-come" prophecies. They know Aliens were recovered from Roswell in 1947 and the satellite Sputnik would lead man in to a space race which in turn would bankrupt the USSR. The Vatican knew about ww1 and other stuff i'm not familiar with, but they knew about. I don't want you to think I know all the secrets because I don't.

When they found the parchments in their own archives detailing all these prophecies which by that time of finding it was only some ways through it's listed contents of prophecies. They knew they had found the Holy Grail (so-to-speak). This is not an interpret it as you wish, oh no! This is in plain writings and specific. It was dismissed at the time because it did not make any sense. The style of writing was unknown. The contents was unknown. Then decades and centuries passed and this list became readable. You need to know the future to break this code and that's why it made no sense to them! What this woman did, she used time as the ultimate code. Which explains why it was dismissed at that time as unreadable, scribbles!

But alas, it could be wrong? I could just be another crazy talking, no way to know, unable to find out the truth, shooting in the dark "speculating", playing on feelings doosh bag?

The Vatican alien agenda and lies
Hidden in plain sight is the Alien agenda
Well, I have wacky thoughts - but so can everybody?
Are the Vatican really that bad?
Are they keeping things from us all?
What is the truth?
Is the Devil real?

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Giants did roam this Earth at one time you know, they didn't last because their DNA was flawed and they just couldn't cope with our gravity on their bones? There's just so many avenues for thought and so many different ways to explain and address this and other questions raised in this post? There's quite literally a million and one ways to explain our past, are the Vatican protecting us from something really bad? Is that why they're willing to take all this crap, for the betterment of humanity?

Giants once roamed the earth and left their DNA within humans
Amazing giants that once roamed the planet Earth
Giants on earth did leave their DNA in humans
Giants once lived on the Earth
Giants and very tall people once called the planet Earth home.
Extremely tall people that once lived on this planet