Thursday, November 10, 2016

Aliens HAVE visited Earth... and there IS a global cover up - shock verdict

So here's my take on the story.
It's nothing new. Aliens have been coming to the earth for many tens of thousands of years. It is only recent though that people are starting to realise this. There's just to much evidence that put's the little buggers here. They're in historic pieces of art, in old religion texts and paintings. Even Columbus was followed by a UFO. Not only that but the Roswell crash site was in the newspapers by the military, it doesn't matter that they retracted it because they had let the cat out of the bag.

Ever since then our technology has gone crazy! Only God knows what kinds of technology has been kept to themselves and what they've done with it? Who knows what's in them unmanned drones with the futuristic tech designs? We can only imagine for now...

Aliens do exist on earth.
That was the shocking verdict of an online poll asking readers if they believed in intelligent alien life forms. Our survey found that 70 per cent of readers are convinced they do exist, and, not only that, there is enough evidence they have already visited Earth in UFOs.

What's more they believe the fact is being covered up by world governments. So far 6,754 have taken part in the poll, so that means 4,727 people believe aliens are already among us. Our revelation came as details of one of the latest of the many UFO sightings that occur emerged online. An unnamed eyewitness sent an image to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) of what they believe was an unidentified flying object. The UFO was captured over Palmyra, Wisconsin, USA, on Sunday.


Aliens throughout our history
Aliens do exist on planet earth

Last year Russian media reported a suspected alien corpse being found.

In a report to MUFON, the world's biggest organisation dedicated to UFO tracking and research, based in the US, the witness said: "At about midnight we were on the porch and noticed a bright distant object. "Five of us took turns observing it with binoculars for a hour and a half. "It remained stationary during the entire time it was observed.

It changed colours and intensity from red to blue to white to green, and combinations of those colours. "It was too bright to be a planet. It was at least a couple miles away but the night was clear and with binoculars it was very obviously not a planet or a plane. "It was still there when we went to bed. The next night two of us observed it again in the same location for an hour.

"I took two photos with my phone. They aren't very clear but they do show some of the colour changing." UFO blogger Scott C Waring thought it was exceptional, and it had been seen in other parts of the world. He said: "This glowing orb has been seen worldwide over the past few years. It will move every month to a new country location.

"This is a bit surprising that its so close. Usually its further away, or this photographer has a great zoom lens. Awesome catch." Sceptics, however, argue that these so-called static UFOs are just planets, which become distorted when a camera lens zooms in on them, giving the appearance of colour change. That would also explain why the same thing was seen across the globe.

NASA and other space agencies maintain they have yet to find ANY evidence of aliens visiting Earth or anywhere else in the galaxy. However, earlier this month it emerged scientists had detected 234 cosmic signals that could have originated from distant intelligent life forms.
What do you think?

Do aliens exist on planet earth
Russian Alien has been found
Aliens "have visited our planet... and world leaders are aware - but there is a major cover up underway to keep the truth from the general public".