Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Alien UFO Mothership Caught Flying Over The 20% Bigger Moons Surface

Here's the moment a UFO mother-ship was videoed flying or gliding over the Lunar surface. It happened when we had the recent 20% bigger Moon 1 day ago. So this is very, very recent! Me and my friend actually went out at about 12:30am to watch the Lunar surprise and boy was we surprised! It was huge, it really was the biggest I've ever seen the moon.

Alien UFO Mothership on the Moon's surface
Perfectly round flying saucer

I took a lot of photos for personal use and I took a video of about 4 seconds long because the clouds were so much like soup I thought I would make a GIF image of the best bits? I think it will turn out good?
Anyway's, back to the story here.

I got back in and found that someone had observed a massive moon UFO flying over the surface and the video is all that! it really is super in quality, it's perfectly round and has a dark colour. It look's to me like a mothership of some kind? Here's the GIF I created from the video.

I found this on the and it just shouted out at me you could of seen this had I had a good telescope? So next time in 2034-6 I will be ready and waiting with a telescope and they won't get away this time! The super moon was a really good event. It captivated my imagination, until I found it was obscured by what only can be described as pea soup?

Other UFO's on the moon's surface (pictured)
Real ufo on the moon
Alien Flying Saucer caught on the moon
here's what the Express story said;

PROOF WE ARE NOT ALONE? Another huge UFO seen gliding over lunar surface during supermoon ALL eyes were on the giant supermoon this week - and it seems to have led to more sightings of alleged UFOs passing the lunar surface.

Video has emerged showing a large circular dark disc flitting about seemingly close to the surface of the moon. The footage, uploaded to YouTube by Misterio Canal, was allegedly filmed on November 14, as the moon drew close to Earth for the first of incredible views. Scott C Waring, editor of, is convinced it is a craft propelled by intelligent aliens. He said: "This UFO is making a shadow on the moon's surface.

UFO-Moon because there's life up there
Life on OUR moon

  • "Which is proof that the UFO is flying over the moon, and its not in orbit around Earth. 
  • "When you add light to it the dark UFO stands out more and has a triangle on its top. 
  • "This is great video and surly the fact that it was a supermoon, meaning the moon was closer at this moment in time than normally, made it possible to spot this UFO so well. 
  • "Compared to the surface of the moon, this UFO had to have been about 2-5km across or more."

A promotional blurb published on YouTube with the video said:

  • "On November 14, the largest moon was seen in many years. 
  • "The moon could be better appreciated to investigate and Aurelio Carbajal managed to capture that image where you can clearly see an object flying on the lunar surface.
  • "But many viewers of the video have simply branded it a fake, believing that it must have been digitally created using CGI. 
Earlier this week, footage of two dark discs seeming to cross the moon on November 14, which was filmed from surprise, Arizona, was uploaded to YouTube.

Real ufos on our moon
More UFOs on our lunar moon
More ufo images on the moon
Amazing cigar ship
Amazing ufos on our moon

Let's just think here for a minuet, I've only put a couple of images on this post of UFOs on our moon, but there's absolutely tons more that I could of picked from? These I think show some of the more better images? We all have our favourites (if your in to this) but for me, these show a definite Alien presence that cannot be simply brushed under the carpet so easily?

The image above looks alot like the UFO under the sea 6 miles off the coast of Dume in Malibu? That particular one has petrified and is ancient? I suppose every flying saucer looks similar by it's very shape?
Thank you for reading and watching this post, I will have more for you very soon, Tim Lewis