Monday, November 21, 2016

20 Plus UFOs Caught Leaving Our Moon A Sight to Behold Historic Moment

This is a huge moment for conspiracy theorists because today, we step out of maybe's-ville and in to definite's-ville! I have spotted, counted at least 20+ (plus) UFOs leaving the lunars surface and making haste in to the black ink, void of space! How many can you count? It's a turkey shoot but for Aliens in UFOs? I'm speechless!

So I'm searching through books, internet and newspapers looking for a thoroughly good, epic UFO story and wall-ah, there's this amazing obscure post about a fleet of UFOs seen leaving the moon? So as always I'm a bit skeptic about it? It's my first and best tool in this whole UFO investigation.

Skeptic, it has gotten me through some embarrassing moments I'll tell you? Things that looked amazing and a sure bet, but have turned out to be photo-shopped or a flying saucer which was a drone decked out with lights etc. I always have my wits around me as much as I can? This looks real, it could be real, but then again it could be innocent camera flare, grainy images or a complete hoax?

My guts tell me this is real because I have seen other videos that are just like this one? That's the exciting moment is when you can link videos and images then see a bigger picture emerging. That's when the feelings start to get intense inside and a urge to share it with others, that's why I set up this very website.

I want you to tell me what you think about this video, hoax or history? I'm of the opinion that this is a real event that really took place! I've not done an image or video analysis because I am not that tech savvy but I am sure someone will get to that point and reveal stuff we cannot see? Until then really I should reserve my opinion but this is telling me it is real!

For one, they are in formation and going at the same speed. For two, they seem to be of the same size and the same colours. Then there number three, I have seen similar videos and images of these before! That's not enough for a definitive answer but it helps "me" make a decision and hopefully you, that this is a real event? Here's some other images I have seen that is similar in nature;

Amazing example of UFO fleets over the moon
Perfect example of UFOs caught flying over the moon
UFOs on the moon
Voyager style UFO seen over the moon
Amazing UFO caught going over the moon
UFO over the moon

UFO seen flying over the moon
UFO flying over the lunar surface
Flying around the moon is a UFO
UFO flying around the moon
This is what a newspaper had to say about this amazing, historic event;

Astonishing video showing 'UFO fleet leaving the moon' prompts claims of alien base.

Alien conspiracy theorists (that would me then) are convinced it is evidence of extraterrestrials living on our moon and miming it, but sceptics claim it is nothing more than a stunning optical illusion. The video was first uploaded to YouTube by Geri Vigil under the title "Large Group of UFOs Leaving the Moon". It shows a number of blobs appearing to move away from the bottom-left area of the moon, but there is also a lot of shimmering seen in that area. However, it has still led to claims from viewers of a possible alien departure.

One posted: "Those aliens were rooting for the establishment of the New World Order, but since Donald Trump won the elections, they lost hope and decided to just go home... that's what we are seeing in this video." Talia Adagio1 added: "I see the same effect in reverse on the right side, they look like they are landing instead." Even former hacker Gary McKinnon, who was nearly extradited to the US for hacking into the computers of NASA and US military to try to find information about UFOs, joined the debate. He was not convinced it showed alien activity, and believes it was an optical illusion. He wrote: "There's a lot of footage of objects leaving the moon, as more people get better telescopes it's being observed more often.

"This looks like far too many though, I think it must be visual artifacting." Photographer John Biondo agreed, posting: "UFO's are NOT what you're seeing. It is a phenomenon seen anytime you look at the Moon's edge. "I have lots of telescope time. You see this all the time, it's called Chromatic Aberration. (Google it) You see it more when the lens is out of focus as well, such as in this video." And another viewer posted: "This is just an optical illusion. It happens when the air's humidity is high and the light from the moon gets distorted or multiple light sources/bright objects in the distance on the earth gets reflected. "It's some kind of mirage, but definitely not UFOs leaving the moon that's for sure. Amazing video anyway!" UFO blogger Scott C Waring, picked up on the footage, adding to the claims it showed alien UFOs.

He said: "It's been known by a lot of astronomers that if the edge of the moon is observed well enough, you will see fleets of UFOs in orbit move around the moons horizon. "These objects are clearly in orbit around the moon and may be there to protect the moon from humanity. "We haven't been back to the moon since the Apollo missions, and there is no intention of going back. "Many Apollo astronauts have stated that they saw UFOs on and near the moon, so maybe these objects are a form of protection from future Apollo missions landing on the moon. "It may be owned by a species that's not so friendly about sharing."

March to the beat of your own drum, don't march to anyone else's drum! Be yourself and be true to yourself. If you think a little bit wacky then so be it? It is you my friend that makes me want to live in this world, because you keep it interesting and very bright. Thank you for taking time to read my post, you rock.
Tim Lewis.

Here's another UFO Mother-ship caught flying over the moon on the same day;