Thursday, October 6, 2016

We Are Getting Back To basics With Some Amazing Mars Strangest Images New To This Site

Today I am bringing you some very strange stuff found on Mars. This is the freaky stuff that is not getting any press from any of the larger, more corrupt media sites. You know the ones, the ones paid for by Fortune 500 corporations (that's an all day argument) etc. the E.Shites as I like to call them now, instead of the Elites! They will now be referred to as the "E.Shites"! And I might not even spell it right just out of pure disgust at the E.Shit's. They all take the piss. Its my blog and I will call them what I want too. Twat's.

Anyways, check these spectacular beauties out. we know the truth. We DO NOT NEED NASAs confirmation or approval because we have "common" sense;
that's another thing aswell, everyone always points to NASA and awaits for an almost definite, rebuff?
When they get the evidence of Mars anomalies or even artefacts and say they are not what everyone think's they are people are like oh, they are lying it's a cover up, big NASA always telling lies etc. Well, do you always need a pat on the back or a person to tell you that you did, do something right?
You, we, all of us do not need NASA and their constant belittling and laughing at us behind 7 ton doors. If it looks like a donkey, it speaks like a donkey. Guess what, it's a donkey! F**K NASA.

Below you will find my way of thinking about these amazing finds.

Oh and what's this a bowl of some kind on mars under the curiosity rover ..hmm  big tardigrades :):
Amazing Chinese frickin bowl found on Mars

The bowl above could be a Lego hat? From a race of Lego Martians? It could be left over from an earlier landing but didnt need it anymore so was left behind as it took off again? A heat shield from a small satellite? Is it one half of a protective dome? I'm going with the landing gear theory because it makes sense. The other guesses are plain silly.
mars rover photos | Mars Rover Photos Reveal Strange Findings | eCanadaNow:
This at first glance looks like a Lizard, but on further inspection I don't have a clue?
It could nothing more than a weathered piece of rock? But I am going with the petrified animal theory because it makes sense.

'Gorilla' seen in Nasa snap from Mars:
Why has the Mars rover got a joystick on it? Is someone supposed to steer it up there?
Also check out the God damn Silver back? Just mid pose like its on a scouting mission looking for space bananas. Seriously though, there's other stones around that look half black half lighter. So I think this was originally a statue that has weathered over time.

Metallic Ship Found On Mars, Hidden By NASA Photoshop, Feb 2015 2 
A metallic looking spaceship of some kind? It must of been on the red planet for many years? Who knows, the reason it looks like this is because there was two and they needed to cannibalize this one to get the other one working? Who knows? It is most definitely a ship of some kind? It could be a relay station for bearings like an intergalactic sign post? It could be a satellite that burned up but from another civilization that sent it just like we do?

UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: Ancient Structure On Mars, Found Using Google Earth, June 2013.:
This is a downed spaceship! It looks like it and it is probably that old going back maybe a billion years, a million years? Petrification is a harsh bitch. It turns things into stone. 100% petrified craft.

 UFO On Mars | UFO,+UFOs,+Mars,+Surface,+NASA,+Rover,+Curiosity,+alien,+aliens,+UFO ...:
Animals found on Mars is another crazy thing going on. NASA cannot in any way shape or form blame this on swamp gas. Who came up with that, swamp gas? It must of been an over weight, slinky, stinky back room coffee guzzling retarded egg muncher at the top of NASAs tree? Idiot. Top left is 100% intelligently made.

UFO On Mars | Ancient Aliens on Mars. Aliens on Mars?? That's really un-expected. Are they from earth?:
This is one of my favourites because this one screams intellectual thinking and design. Its something I couldn't make in a million years, I am to, whats the word... Challenged. This I think is a flag but from an ancient race instead of using a flag that may blow over, get torn up in the atmospher. They used this intricate flag instead. Why land when you can burn your flag in to the surface and warn others off. Theres no dust which tells me they lowered down and did this which served two purposes. Keep it uncovered and allowed them to burn it in to the surface?

“Date of discovery: December 2013 Location of discovery: Mars Sol 467 This alien craft stands out greatly from the settings around it. If you look closely you will notice it has stealth like edges and a cool futuristic design that we would expect. The far upper right of the ship has a lifted roof to make room for the cockpit windows” says Scott Waring, author of UFO Sightings Daily.:
I love it when people try claiming copyright on images like this? it's NASAs outright and anyone using their images is just copyright infringing in the first place? Don't make me laugh. This I think is a big nothing, just a whatever.

Sorry about the mood today. I haven't been feeling well and I don't have a monkey as yet to do the leg work. I love doing these anyways.

UFO hunters' latest ‘sighting’ of a rock is described as a ‘man-made dome’ that they say was left behind by an alien race sometime during Mars’ watery past. The image was taken by Nasa's Opportunity rover:
Now this, on the other hand is certainly worth another look. An ancient Alien but from EARTH probe that never made it back to earth? Theres probably ancient aliens in there, albeit near stone like, but definitely there. Theres a port hole and it looks earthly?

UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: Ancient Head Found On Mars Close Up HD Photo! Nov 26, 2014, UFO Sighting News.:
I remember this because I broke the image in an earlier post. This, I am still convinced of that it's a statue of an ancient race of Mars "dwellers". see how I say dwellers instead of Martians? Because, we have conflicting ideas of what an Martian looks like and if they went, they probably came? In other word's they left behind not so much needed things like, ships that didnt work - but got cannibalized for parts? Left outposts and machinery? We have plastic's here on earth that can last 10 thousand years in the soil! That's just a simple water bottle. Imagine what an technological society could achieve with further knowledge of materials we have yet to come across from distant planets, with materials and minerals we can only dream of? All I want you to do is this, just imagine? that's all...