Friday, October 7, 2016

San Francisco Residents Video A Very Large And Strange Blue Cloud Over The City

Source; MUFON
Place; San Francisco
Date; 2016-10-04
Time; 3:20AM

we have obtained the video that the eye witnesses recorded and it is while a little obscure, can certainly be made out. The blue cloud (spot) also reminds me of another sighting that was made in the Antarctica which was filmed from a satellite by scientists. Just follow the highlighted link above for that amazing story.
I have done some research on this very subject and found that it happens all over th world. But each one is in it's own way "unique". The overall blue spot is describing around a hundred events that I am aware of? What makes this one amazing is that it was filmed by a woman in the early hours and not near any official buildings of sorts ir, airports, research institutes, military grounds. Which to my understanding is where the majority of the "blue clouds" have been sighted?

Actual statements from the eye witness;
Saw a blue illuminated light behind clouds and fog. Remained for over an hour. Had one distinct edge. Looked like a triangle. Not a spot light. Saw flashes in the bottom right corner of it. it appeared to be very large and pulsated slightly.

Here is a couple of stills from the video, in the second I have highlighted it with dark colours because red blurs it entirely;
Amazing looking blue spot within the clouds in san francisco
Amazing blue pot in the clouds
Amazing looking blue spot within the clouds in san francisco
No this is not an Ipod
Eye witness states that they saw a blue spot cloud type of strange event unfolding before their very eyes. This is a weird story to say the least.

A similar event happened at an airport in Azerbaijan on the 21st July 2016. (Click the highlighted link). I added this because the dates are not so far apart and I want to show that it has happened elsewhere in this ever so crazy world before also? But as you can see this is a little different than what the eye witnesses saw in San Francisco? But it is clouds, are they evolving, appearing to grow in intensity? Maybe messaging each other? A type of Alien communication ploy? It is hard to say but one thing we can all agree on is this, it is something! We are not sure what, but definitely something?


Here (above) is another example of clouds with a blue colour. Is it a possibility that the colour blue is a somewhat common recurrence, a meaning? It could be but the truth of the matter is that we just don't know as yet? Scientists are working on it with ice particles theory etc so we could see a full understanding in the near future? It opens up so more questions when you probe just a little bit each time.

Here we have more mysterious clouds (below) as you guessed it, over the United States. Here is a link to the actual story from 07/16/09 and I have inserted a clip of the writings here -
"The global changes that appear to be reshaping noctilucent cloud distribution could be much more complex"
Said Vincent Wickwar, an atmospheric scientist at Utah State University whose team was first to report a mid-latitude noctilucent cloud in 2002.

So there we have a first reporting's on this subject from way back in 2002. It is still happening now but with more and more occurrences.


Here's a quick link to a "Time article" about noctilucent clouds I thought you might like? I hope this answers some of your questions and thanks for reading my report.