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Nibiru or Planet X Will Be Visible In 16 Months Says Astronomers And Scientists

Nowhere left to hide for Planet X or Nibiru as some people would like to call it:

So some astronomers have claimed the mystery world (Planet X, Nibiru) will be found within just 16 months? If you believe this, then it is a game changer! I mean this is just an unprecedented proposal. What I mean is this, scientists and astronomers will not, do not and totally refuse, most of the time to even entertain that Nibiru (Planet Nine or Planet 7X) is even real. They just refuse straight off the bat to even talk about it, let alone give a prophecy! So the science/astronomy world has done a complete 180 degrees turn and is facing the complete opposite way, amazing, or terrifying depends on how you look at it?

I have added some super amazing, animated references so you can get a 3D visual image in your mind to the scale and destruction forces that this destroyer of planets is capable of? Nibiru is real, it is there and it does influence planets on a "total life, annihilation, destruction scale" with no means to survive? Unless your on the moon at the time?

Which even then, I am not sure what would happen to you even if you was on the moon when it starts to show itself and reveal it's ugly head? Because it will come, it will be here, this is just a matter of time. Now we know it for sure! I have picked a post from the mail-online science part of the website which did a recent post on this subject. I am going to post what they have said, I will post it below so if you'de like to read that then please do, I encourage you to read it. But what I will say is this, Nibiru is that powerful it is, what is causing our solar system to tilt!

Nibiru Planet X orbit path Wormwood does exist, Nibiru is real
Nibiru on a devastating path

These are just amazing animations. I always wanted to visualize Nibiru, now I can. Now you can also?

Nibiru Planet X orbit path Wormwood does exist, Nibiru is real
This is Nibiru, say hello

Nibiru Planet X orbit path Wormwood does exist, Nibiru is real
Destroyer of planets
What the mail-online have recently said;

  • Scientists believe an unidentified planet is disrupting orbits of icy objects.
  • It may be responsible for the overall tilted plane of the solar system.
  • A number of research groups are searching for the unidentified world.
  • It could be spotted with some of Earth's most advanced telescopes.

Astronomers could discover the solar system’s mystery ninth planet by 2019, scientists have claimed. Dubbed Planet Nine, the elusive world is believed by many to be responsible for the strange shaped orbits of objects in the outer realms of the solar system, but it is yet to be seen. But with up to 10 research groups scouring the skies, astronomers believe it won’t remain hidden for long and could be discovered in the next 16 months.

Astronomers think an undiscovered ninth planet in the far reaches of the solar system could be discovered in the next 16 months. Planet Nine (Nibiru) is believed to be responsible for the strange orbital paths of icy minor planets beyond Neptune. The claims were made by astronomer Mike Brown, one of those who proposed the existence of the mystery world, while speaking at a conference in the US this week. He said...

Nibiru planet x the destroyer of worlds exists
Amazing image on Planet 9's orbit

‘I'm pretty sure, I think, that by the end of next winter – not this winter, next winter – I think that there'll be enough people looking for it that … somebody's actually going to track this down,’ said Professor Brown, speaking at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society's Division for Planetary Sciences (DPS) in Pasadena, USA.

The mystery world was first proposed by Professor Brown’s team to account for the long elliptical orbit of frigid objects in the extending out beyond the Kuiper belt past Pluto – whose planetary status was in part killed off by Professor Brown’s team at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech) in Pasadena. But with a number of research groups dedicated to finding evidence of the planet and some of the world’s most advanced telescopes could help pinpoint it in the night sky, potentially before the next DPS conference.

The distant worlds is thought to be roughly four times the size of Earth and ten times the mass, with its gravitational pull dragging small bodies further out towards its huge elliptical orbit. The discovery would mark ‘a pretty quick turnaround’ from hypothetical to confirmed planet, explains Mike Wall, who reported the claims.

An increasing number of distant icy rocks have been found past Neptune – the last known official planet of the solar system – including Eris, which was discovered by the CalTech.udu team and was the death blow for Pluto’s planetary status, due to its larger size. Among these trans-Neptunium ice worlds are a growing number like Sedna and L91, whose distorted orbits take them far out from the sun, taking thousands of years to make a single pass. But as more of these objects have been discovered, their elongated paths points to a strong gravitational pull from a large object beyond Neptune – the theoretical Planet Nine.

Astronomers believe that the orbits of a number of bodies in the distant reaches of the solar system have been disrupted by the pull of an as yet unidentified planet (Nibiru). First proposed by a group at CalTech in the US, this alien world was theorised to explain the distorted paths seen in distant icy bodies. In order to fit in with the data they have, this alien world - popularly called Nibiru or Planet Nine - would need to be roughly four times the size of Earth and ten times the mass. This video shows that it has been located (unofficially) by an amateur Nibiru enthusiast, awesome research.

Some of the most distant known objects in the solar system with orbits exclusively beyond Neptune (magenta) all line up in a single direction. They believe such an orbital alignment can only be maintained by some outside force, potentially an unseen Neptune-sized ninth planet.

Researchers say a body of this size and mass would explain the clustered paths of a number of icy minor planets beyond Neptune. Its huge orbit would mean it takes between 10,000 and 20,000 years to make a single pass around the sun. The theoretical Planet Nine is based on the gravitational pull it exerts on these bodies, with astronomers confident it will be found in the coming years. Those hoping for theoretical Earth-sized planets proposed by astrologers or science fiction writers - which are 'hiding behind the sun' and linked with Doomsday scenarios - may have to keep searching.

Planet x is real
The Nibiru
Professor Brown and the Caltech team have proposed that in order to exert such a huge gravitational pull on these minor planets, Planet Nine would be around four times the size of Earth, ten times the mass and take between 10,000 and 20,000 years to orbit the sun. According to one of the reasons it has not yet been spotted is that it is currently at its furthest point from the sun on its epic planetary path, called its aphelion.

This could mean Planet Nine is currently 1,000 astronomical units (AU) from the sun – with 1 AU being the distance from Earth to the sun. But tools such as the Subaru telescope in Hawaii and instruments at Japan’s National Astronomical Observatory could be up to the task. Professor Brown told reporters: ‘There are a lot of people looking, and we are trying as hard as we can to tell people where to look. We want it to be found.’

At the same conference this week, researchers discussed their findings on L91, one of a growing number of icy worlds with strange orbits discovered at the edge of the solar system. Some astronomers have suggested the orbits could be explained by an unseen Neptune-sized planet beyond Pluto which drags them slowly out into the darkness.

A team observing L91 suggest that it may have started with a regular orbit, with little difference between its closest and furthest points from the sun. But over billions of years it was nudged slightly by Neptune until its orbit took it way out into the Oort cloud. The gravitational pull from a passing star, or from the steady pull of the Milky Way itself, may have then returned the orbit to a more elliptical shape seen today. But others believe a simpler explanation is the gravitational pull from an as yet unseen Planet Nine.

Planet nine or Nibiru is very much real and is devastating
Excellent example

This is an amazing space animation
Beautiful animation

Planet nine or Nibiru is very much real and is devastating

Planet nine or Nibiru is very much real and is devastating
An amazing visualization of Nibiru's orbit path

So there you go. An in-depth look at what is surely going to be a life changing event? I only say this because I'm pretty sure that the governments are working on something? Maybe not for us, but at least the human race may survive and if you believe in reincarnation then that's a good thing because at least we will have somewhere to go after the end of the world! I say this to you, it's been a trip, see you on the other side.

Thank you for reading this and please leave me a comment if you have one? Tim Lewis