Sunday, October 9, 2016

Moon Base Image Accidentally Released On A Live Post AMAZING!

This amazing image was accidentally released by an top online media distributor. The image (below) was released by Daily Mail Online which is a top news distributor and has been known in the past to post stories about the moon and then quickly take them down.

We are giving this new image a name, we call it Moon Base Alpha. We have more images from the mail online that they have published before. Scroll down further to see them images.
The secret Moon Base Alpha
Moon Base Alpha

The very famous antenna dish on the moon. This is a massive leap in history. People always knew there was a moon base, now this proves it.
 This second moon base was discovered in about 1945 in Germany. As you can see the craters are where Aliens are mining for nuclear mushrooms, made by Elves and not Elvis.
As you can see this is not the moon or a moon base. Sorry for getting you excited, it is just a little joke please make sure you like. Like you would, lol.

The full image released by the mail online is below. It is nothing more than a clever or not so clever camera angle that looks really like a moon base, depending on how you look at it? Its a Trump scandal again.