Monday, September 5, 2016

Wow, has Big Foot A.K.A Sasquatch Been Discovered in California

big sighting of bigfoot sasquatch
Sasquatch or Big Foot Captured on Video

This is just amazing and takes us one step closer to finding out the truth once and for all if Big Foot or Sasquach as it has become to be known as, is actually real? let's hope this is a real video capturing the legendary Big Foot? I would like to say it is real but you just don't know, it could be a guy called Keith in a costume in Wigan, UK? we just don't know?

Well it's certainly a big foot! Has this baffling new video footage of the huge, smelly, hairy legged with bad teeth captured the Sasquatch? It's a strange video of big feet taken in the Sequoia National Forest, California Law Enforcement Officers had set up camera traps to catch drug growers But instead they captured two huge hairy legs walking casually past.

Might this mysterious new footage of big hairy feet mean the fabled Sasquatch has at last been truly captured on camera? That's the claim of a local Law Enforcement Officer who was taken aback by the footage filmed in Northern California. He was given the recording from a colleague who told him: 'I have a video from a trail cam which appears to show a Bigfoot.'


The officer then handed it over to the Sasquatch Chronicles, a YouTube channel that airs various alleged encounters with the legendary beast. Yet the video, posted online on August 23, is inconclusive as it does not show the creature's face. Instead it shows 10 seconds of huge hairy legs walking past the camera.

Caught on camera: The 'Bigfoot' was spotted 27 miles back into the Sequoia National Forest in a region only accessible on foot
Bigfoot or Sasquatch with hairy legs
Officers were reportedly on the hunt for guerrilla grown Marijuana, and had set up camera traps to catch the growers on film. The device in question was 27 miles back into the Sequoia National Forest in a region only accessible on foot. The Law Enforcement Officer said the camera appeared to have been ripped off a tree before being buried in the leaves. He added: 'I also have experienced events, i.e. tree knocks, footsteps, and extreme fear for unexplained reason. I have also found a few footprints.

'It is not a bear.' Viewers of the clip, which has over 120,000 views, remain divided over the validity of the clip. One wrote: 'First of all, this is another case of see what you want to see. Before you say this is a Bigfoot go find a video of Paddles the upright New Jersey bear.' But another posted: 'I will say this, either this is an excellent fake, or that was a real Bigfoot. Did anyone notice the toenails? They were very very long. 'This is not something many costume designers would think of such a thing and a rented suit would not have such a detail.' While one suggested: 'Could it possibly be a drug grower wearing a ghillie suit to help him hide from police drones?

Here's another image of Big Foot from Yellowstone;

sasquatch in yellowstone
Big Foot spotted in Yellowstone Old Faithful
Old Faithful is a cone geyser located in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, United States. Old Faithful was named in 1870 during the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition and was the first geyser in the park to receive a name.