Saturday, September 10, 2016

UFO Found Hovering in the Sky on Mars 10th September 2016

Image put up on 9th September 2016
Source; NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Date found; 10th September 2016

This image is the third one in the slideshow but the full size image is on this page;
"Farewell to Murray Buttes (Image 2)" is what they have called this one?
If you look at the full size image you can even just make out another UFO just to the left and down of the 1st UFO it could be off in the distance? You have to look at the full size image on this link and decide for yourself, but this is a blatant NASA give away.
It is there for anyone to see and probably put there on purpose from a NASA employee? I wish it was as good as that, but you have to admit this one is a great picture and could be an actual UFO on Mars? I hope it is?
Thank you for stopping by, Tim L. Lewis
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