Thursday, September 15, 2016

UFO Fleet Caught Flying Past Yellowstone National Park BUT Over A Suspected Alien Base

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Alien base Yellowstone national park ufo fleet sightings
Yellowstone National Park UFO Fleet

Amazing new footage of multiple dark UFOs has emerged online recently, bringing the Alien - Yellowstone connection theory of an alien base anew and awash with rumours. We like to set thing's straight about Yellowstone National Park and the Alien base theory, so we teamed up with C.L.N.U.F.O.S. and got this awesome video TO SHARE WITH YOU.
A suspected alien spaceship moves through the clouds over the Yellowstone National Park in the U.S. And right then the theory is shattered, it is now fact.

The space vessel is believed to be over 100 meters across. A gigantic super-volcano is a notable natural structure in the Yellowstone National Park. While staying dormant for 70,000 years, a potential eruption of this massive volcano could kill 90,000 people and spark a nuclear winter, experts have warned. Flying saucers were seen in a live camera observing the park.

YouTube user Conspiracy & Lies, Nibiru, UFO's shared the video to the video sharing site. He regularly post's videos on our behalf. Many space alien enthusiasts believe the U.S. knows about an active alien base or bases in the Yellowstone National Park because the government's allotted 3,468 miles of land for the park which is very suspicious and other thing's have happened that really connect the two. Governments by their very nature and history have always lied, misled, covered up and blatantly spun whatever they wanted too? it's the nature of the beast.
Posted on September 4, 2016 by LUFOS.