Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Land of St. Martin The Woolpit Village, Dimensional, Alien, Green Children

green children of woolpit
The green Children of Woolpit Village

One day round about the harvest time, according to one William of Newburgh during the famous reign of King Stephen (1135–1154), the many villagers of Woolpit, England discovered two little Green children, a brother and sister, beside one of the wolf pits that has given the village its name. Their skin was a green-hue in colour and they only spoke an unknown language for now, and their dirty clothing was very unfamiliar. Ralph reports that the 2 children were then taken to the home of Richard de Calne and talked in a really strange language.

Ralph and William agree that the pair then refused all food for about several days until they both came across some raw, uncooked beans, which they both ate eagerly. The 2 children gradually adapted to the normal food and in time they both lost their greenish-hue colour. The boy, who appeared to be the younger of the two, became very sick and he died not long but shortly after he and his sister were baptised.

After learning to speak pretty good enough English, the 2 children – Ralph says that, just the surviving girl – explained that they both had come from a land where the sun and light never shone and the light was like twilight, night time. William says the children called their home St Martin's Land; Ralph adds that everything there was green.

green children of woolpit dimension aliens
The Woolpit Green Alien Children

According to William, the children were unable to account for their arrival in Woolpit; they had been herding their father's few cattle when they heard a very loud noise (according to William, the bells of Bury St Edmunds) and suddenly found themselves by the wolf pit where they were both found. Ralph says that they had become lost when they followed the cattle into a cave and, after being guided by the sound of bells, eventually emerged into our land, very strange stuff.

According to Ralph, the girl was then employed for many years as a servant in Richard de Calne's household, where she was considered to be

  • "very wanton and impudent". 

William says that she eventually married a man from King's Lynn, about 40 miles or so away (64 km) from Woolpit, where she was still living shortly before he wrote about the 2 children.

Based on his research into Richard de Calne's family history, the astronomer and writer Duncan Lunan has concluded that the girl was given the name "Agnes" and that she married a royal official named Richard Barre.

Now this is a strange and very unsettling story? Imagine walking or herding your cattle (as you do in Africa) and ending up in a different dimension possibly, with not only different skin being green but also the only ones that spoke your own language, don't forget both being very afraid also?

It must of being hell? Why am I writing like it was a fact that this happened? Because it's been proved in history and family tree's that they both existed and that the female child's lineage has been documented and traced back!

Also worth noting is the fact that her DNA is still in play today! so that means some people on this planet have Alien DNA in them and it has been proved that they not only have ancient Alien DNA but that they live now! that's frickin mind blowing! where are they these hybrids? That's the big question, but i'm sure someone knows where they are and whom they are? It could be you my friend? Tim Lewis