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Retired Texas police officer details Stephenville 'entity'

Source: MUFON
Reprinted from the July 2014 
MUFON Case 54733
By Roger Marsh 

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Illustration by Mark Hanley
A former Stephenville, TX, Policeman has only one regret after an encounter with a transparent being while on duty 14 years ago. The entity was green. Apparently afraid of the personal and professional jokes that might arise from tales of “little green men,” the officer kept quiet about the whole affair and patiently waited until his retirement. Back in 2000, the witness was employed at the Stephenville Police Department as the Patrol Night Shift Sergeant with a 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift. During one of those shifts just after a break he took at the police station, he stepped back into his patrol car and headed east. “I drove one block over and noticed something on top of the post office that caught my attention,” he stated in MUFON Case 54733 submitted on March 16, 2014. “I stopped my patrol vehicle in the street between two vacant parking lots. The post office was located one block to the north of my position. This was a cloudless night and very clear.”

From the MUFON archives MUFON Case 54733
MUFON Journal by Roger Marsh

His view is just past the police department where the entity was seen on top of the post office. In a college town, students of both high school and college have been known to pull pranks and climb on buildings, but not transparently so. Image credit: Google
  • The officer’s driver side window was down and was in a direct line with his observation of the nearby roof top. 
“I first saw something light green getting larger as it was heading across the roof of the post office toward my direction. As I watched it, I began to realize it appeared to exactly resemble a person walking.”
  • The “person” stopped along the edge of the post office roof top facing the police officer. 
“The best description I can give of the thing I saw is the following: It appeared to be about 8 feet tall. I base this by the height of the post office wall in proportion to the thing’s height.

The body of the thing had a regular build to its height, meaning what a person would have looked like who was in good shape. Not fat or skinny. The most extraordinary item was the thing was transparent. The lines of the thing were fluorescent green which gave it somewhat of a mass but it was still transparent. The thing had great 3D detail. Every feature except for the height appeared to be human.

The clothing appeared to be what I would describe as a jumpsuit. But again, it was all one color and made up by its green outlines. The thing appeared bald to the best of what I remember.”
  • The entity appeared to be making observations from the roof top. 
“The thing stood at the edge and put its hands on its hips and turned its upper body and began looking back off to the west as if it was observing something. It then turned and began looking off to the east for a few seconds.

All I could think was that I can’t believe what I'm seeing and I hope it didn't see me.” But then the entity did appear to spot the police officer.

“A few seconds later it looked down directly at me. I didn't feel fear. I don’t know if I could actually see a smile or just had that feeling like it was smiling and saying, ‘Well you saw me.’ I never felt threatened. The thing turned and began walking back the way it came.”
  • The police officer did not want the entity to get away. “I remember saying to myself, ‘like hell you’re getting away.’ I drove to the back side of the post office (north side).
The walls to the post office are about 25 feet tall on all sides. I knew it couldn't jump down.”
  • At this point the officer called for back-up. 
“I called the fire department which is located next to the police station and told them to bring a ladder truck over to the post office because I believed someone was on the roof. Another police unit left the police department and set up watching the opposite sides of the building. About five minutes later the fire department arrived.”
  • The officer decided to go up on the roof by himself. “I told the others to stay down and I would check the roof.
I climbed up on the roof and there was nothing. I searched the spot on the roof where it was standing and the path it walked and found nothing. I believe the roof was gravelled but can’t remember for sure. The officer and fire department personnel I'm sure thought I was nuts thinking someone was up there. I dared not tell them what I saw.”
  • The police officer waited 14 years to tell his story to MUFON
“So I sat on this for years and only told a few close friends about the experience. Since the Internet has come out I have tried to research any other sightings such as this but have found nothing. I can say this with the utmost confidence. I know what I saw. There was too much detail in the thing. This was a very clear night. The thing had the dark sky behind it so it was easy to see, not to mention its size. I have been retired from the police department for four years now. I run my own business and do private investigations and security contracts. If you have had any other reports like this I would greatly appreciate a response. This has bothered me for years and I just would like to know what y’all think I saw or what it could have been.”
  • Texas State Director Teresa Turner is investigating.
Turner said she is closing the case as an Unknown – Other (entity), but will continue to follow-up with the witness in more detail soon and plans to add to the case file. She said that her early interviews with the witness suggest the witness is of good character. She hopes to gain more details on the sighting.

Stephenville was the centre of a multi-witness UFO sighting in 2008, and MUFON ordered a special investigation of the case. On January 8, 2008, dozens of witnesses reported a large object in the evening sky that hovered above the community before it took off at high speed. Steve Allen, a pilot, observed the object from the ground and described it as being a half-mile wide with flashing strobe lights. He also said that it was pursued by two fighter jets, when it disappeared at a speed he estimated to be 3,000 mph.

Here is a 99% proof case involving a Stephenville, Texas Policeman. The Alien sighting was by a retired cop, it doesnt get any better than that because he was still in the Police force at the time of the Alien sighting and he gave chase! This has bothered him for a long, long time and would like help in identifying the green, transparent-ish entity.
So if anyone can shed any light on this amazing case then please message me here or get in touch MUFON A.S.A.P. Tim Lewis