Sunday, September 11, 2016

No Way is This a Selfie of the Mars Rover, IT IS NOT A MOSAIC PUT TOGETHER

Theres just no way this is a selfie or Big Sky Selfie as they call it? You CANT take a photo of something that isnt there and why? The shadow gives this away, its in one spot and if it took multiple shots and pasted them together, why is the robotic arm's shade still in one place? Because it was taken by someone else on the Martian surface. This is an impossible shot with the shadows all been in one direction, theres no way it was taken altogether, the shadows must be at different angles? This is BUSTED big time, NASA lies as usual, unless they cloned Houdini and put up to it, this is B.S im calling it.

mars rover taking a selfie
No way this is a mosaic put together