Saturday, September 24, 2016

It’s Official: We Are 100% Going to Mars To Put a Man on The Red Planet

So it’s Official: We’re definitely going to Mars to put a human being ( "the man" not a woman for some reason?) on the red planet and cultivate ourselves a little bit of turnip. Although I'd personally love to see both sexes go to Mars because that way a little Martian could be consummated, baked in her oven and spat out like a train and become an official Martian albeit a human hybrid? Would it be a hybrid?

100% Human with a slight pimple of Martian by way of our Moon, etc? In all the sense of the word - Martian, it conjures up a spectacular image in my mind of Interstellar with Matt Damon but only Matt Damon would be Kieth from Lab 2 level 200 underground with bad skin, bad teeth and really naff civvy clothes that he thinks he's pushing the boat out and is... Do you get the picture?

Hollywood is far from the real world granted, but if what they are doing at NASA RIGHT NOW! Has anything to go by, it could "ALL" be a massive C.G.I effort with epic Gravity (movie) effects, like water   flooding our screens*1 just like when they (NASA) were going to go live on air with that ahem, news channel and all you got was a muppet show type set with 2 guys moving scale models around and the news anchorman yelling "weres the spacesuits"?

Then with the now infamous CUT to camera 2, go straight to a commercial! Cut, Cut and Frickin Cut! That really happened on live TV, the video is on Youtube somewhere? Definitely, on there, I saw it.

Yep folks it's all a massive ripped off home movie - and you, me and "Lab Rat Kieth" Are all paying the "fanciful" taxpayers bill? Kieth, by the way is now © (copyrighted ha lol) is looking very sharp in his yellow - Cad suit and loafers... Why? Because it's erm, Saturday? It's Cad, your it - day... Probably? Maybe? In Egypt maybe? Frickin EEjit more like!

By the honest to Enki God way, I've been up nearly 2 days straight with coffee, cigarettes, and my YouTube channel really, really pissing me off big time, so I apologize for only now getting to the story.

The journey to Mars is a go ahead. Official.
Dot Dot Dash, Journey to Mars


A bipartisan bill was passed by the U.S. Senate committee that oversees NASA space projects. The bill would allocate $19.5 billion in funds (our funds) to NASA in 2017, but it has a critical mission for the space agency: send men to Mars! No icky women, though, corr gross!


It looks like Republican and Democratic senators alike are keen on safeguarding America’s space programs, It's not their ill-gotten gain's is it? No! It's our hard earned money, not them thieving traitors who eat cabbage soup. With the potential chaos, more like "World Take a Big Sigh of Relief Day" of a new president on the horizon, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation passed wind (lol) a bipartisan bill giving NASA $19.5 billion to continue working on a mission to Mars. It also includes support for the continuation of the program to send astronauts on "private rockets" (but it's the nation's money)? to the International Space Station (ISS) from American soil no later than 2018.
Yet again the tax payer footing vacations for "PRIVATE" rocket trips? WTF? Private holidays paid for by Keith with his sweaty hands?
“We have seen in the past the importance of stability and predictability in NASA (is that a joke)? and space exploration – that whenever one has a change in administration, we have seen the chaos that can be caused by the cancellation of major programs,”

Republican Senator Ted Cruz, the lead (coconspirator) sponsor of the bill, commented.
“The impact in terms of jobs lost, the impact in terms of money wasted has been significant.”
The NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2016 includes an overall authorization level of $19.508 billion for the fiscal year 2017, but it still needs to be passed the parcel (lol) by the Senate as a whole*2, of course. The budget allotted is the same as what was approved by House appropriators and a bit more than the version released by the Senate Appropriations Committee. (In other word's it's not the same) The Obama administration, likewise, proposed $19 billion in funding for NASA.
End of me quoting them. Dot Dot Dash.

I still have no idea what I meant by that? It worked, so let it slip.
The Senate as a whole, don't make me raise an eyebrow! I warn you, I will raise... It's raised!