Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton is Incapacitated and Drops to the Floor During 9/11 World Trade Memorial Event

This is the moment Hillary Clinton is seen to collapse to the floor whilst been held up by her security team. The video shows her guards quickly getting Hillary to her feet and ushering her straight into the waiting van. Her closest aides have spoken out and said it was a medical episode of overheating, but we here think it is a little dodgy that they automatically know the results of any tests straight away?

Do you find this as odd just like we do? It could be a thousand and one things that dropped her? It could be anything, but we wont go into any details as yet because the tests haven't been finished as yet unlike her aides... She could of been poisoned, heart attack, anything?

God forbid it wasnt anything like that because life is precious and always a sad day for families when something like this happens no matter what side of the Trump fence you sit? Trump supporters will be loving this and probably see this as a sign that their man is chosen by a higher power to lead and is sending everybody a message saying she is not fit enough to lead from the front?

Hillary Clinton Heart Attack, overheated, collapsed
The moment after Hillary Clinton Collapses