Tuesday, September 6, 2016

GRAPHIC CONTENT: President Putin's Trusted Friend is Killed in a Devastating Car Crash in Moscow

This is so sad, you can see the grief on President Putin's face. let's not forget though the man that died, I had a brother that died in a car crash in 1991. it is a devastating thing to happen to anyone liked or not liked, so for a minuet lets just remember that a human life was taken in an horrific way. Any human being looking at another human being and seeing the pain on someone's face is hard enough, we can all emphasize with each other's pain, because that's whom we are, we are human!

the best people die young, Moscow car crash
A sad day for everyone involved
It's one of "our" most valued characteristic's being able to feel one and another's pain. In which ever way we go, we all leave someone behind so let's not forget this man's family and no matter what our feeling's are with President Putin, his regime and the thing's his administration has done in the past, a human beings life was taken.

President Putin is not liked by everyone that's a given, but this show's the human side of the steely man from Russia, the leader of the Russian Federation. Have you ever seen the face of a mother being told that her son has been taken in a terrible way? I have, it kicked me down and wrecked me inside. That is what comes to my mind when I first heard about this, because ive probably matured more than I give myself credit for?

that's a personal trait I hope I never loose? It's a personality trait I hope that you have because that makes you a rare commodity and therefore you are a rare species. Keep that inside and make it grow. Tim Lewis