Monday, September 5, 2016

Flaming Object Tears Through the Clear Night Sky Over Portland, OR, USA

Date; 4th September 2016
Portland, OR, USA

A UFO, fiery ball was caught on camera shooting through the sky in Portland Oregon, USA early on Saturday morning. The mystery fireball, UFO was spotted by more than 142 people and has not been identified as yet other than a UFO, Fireball despite being caught on camera by several eye witnesses.

According to the American Meteorology Society (AMS) some people as far north as British Columbia in Canada did witness the event and some as far down south as southern Oregon did, too. Police were inundated with reports of a plane crashing.

portland usa ufo
Portland Fireball UFO

portland fireball ufo news
Fireball streaking through Portland

portland usa fireball news
Fireball in Portland, USA
The light stays consistent and seems to be relatively slow for a meteor hurdling toward earth. The streak of light, UFO Fireball lasts for 13 seconds before it vanishes into the night sky. It is unclear if there was an impact heard but it was very bright.

Several people took to Twitter to report what they had seen and shared their thoughts.
Another said:

  • 'Meteor or UFO just fell from the sky in Portland and I am dead sober.' 
  • 'This thing was crazy fast and very large and bright and appeared to be at cloud level,' one person reported, according to

There has been no official report as yet as its still to early on about what the object is but Todd is hoping OMSI can triangulate its landing area by radar. 'If it has survived at all, it is probably in the Rocky Mountains,' he said.
Most of the reports came from Willamette Valley.

Jim Todd, director of space education at Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, told KOIN 6 News it’s

  • 'hard to say if it was a spacecraft debris or not'. 

He added it was; 

  • 'very bright, lasted for roughly seven to eight seconds'. 'That is fairly fast, and bright white, bluish in colour, seems to have broken up into pieces.