Sunday, September 11, 2016

Another UFO Found in Mars Rover Image 11th September 2016

Source; Mars Curiosity Gallery
Date Found; 11th September 2016
By Tim Lewis

mars rover find ufo
Mars Rover UFO
Whilst perusing the Martian Images I simply clicked on the very first image and BAM, there it was just looking at me? I started to think rationally like, dust, pixels etc. But after looking at it, there is what seems to be another UFO just to the left and down (sound familiar?) because its exactly the same thing that happened in my last Mars image. A UFO and another just left and down a bit? What are the odd's of that happening twice?

ufo on mars hovering
Martian UFO
I mean it doesn't get any better than this, the first 2 times I go look for the very first times, I get lucky I suppose, and find 2 anomalies straight away? What are the odd's of that happening? It's gotta be a million to 1? But there they are, in plain Martian daylight. Its exciting to find one, but 2 one after the other on separate days, WOW. Tim Lewis