Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ancient Head, Statue Found on Mars September 10th 2016

After going through a few images I came across this amazing find from this image click here;

A sweeping panorama combining 33 telephoto images into one Martian vista presents details of several types of terrain visible on Mount Sharp from a location along the route of NASA's Curiosity Mars rover. The component images were taken by the rover's Mast Camera on April 10, 2015.
 Thats the official line, but as you can see this is something out of the extraordinary? it could be just the head sticking out of a full statue? It has the resemblance of a human being?
I was actually looking up the image of a hovering orb, when this just shouted from the screen.
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martian head found on mars
Mars Head in solid stone petrified 

head on mars
To scale showing location right, bottom

petrified stone head mars
Location of artefact