Wednesday, September 7, 2016

An Amazing Graphic Picture of Flat Earth, my thoughts too

anonymous flat earth artist with an amazing piece of artwork
The flat Earth theory is alive and well

Digging around the back of the sofa I found this amazing Graphic's Picture that I thought I must share with my fellow flat Earth believers. The way the artist captured the right angles and expert to scale drawings is a sign of a master of his craft.

Can anyone find the artist's name? I don't want to get in touch but would love to see similar graphics? You can tell a craftsman from an ordinary tinkerer?

The flat Earth debate is as old as the day is long, or something like that? I admit water stays in place because the earth is flat. It should be going in every direction and sloshing about if the world was round, that's simple to understand. But, the nee sayers say gravity keeps it in place?

They cheat and use science as a tool, well if you look at science as a whole its built on OUR laws, not laws of the universe. We made the junk up, we gave names to things you cannot see? Isn't magic therefore an extension of science or vies a verse?

Whatever the results are, you cannot argue with science people! Because they pull out charts from their asses!

Its called belief and its as real as you and me. Tim Lewis