Monday, September 12, 2016

An Amazing Ancient Roman Road Found in Rochester, UK

Perfectly-preserved road that led Roman soldiers to London from the coast is found after 2,000 years.

A father and son bought a building in Rochester to turn it into a shop.
While they were working on the basement they discovered the road.
The section of the Roman road has been put on display in a glass frame.
Romans built 2,000 miles of road during their rule between 43 and 410 AD.

roman road found in rochester uk
Roman Road


Between 43 and 410 AD, the Roman army created 2,000 miles (3,200km) of surfaced roads across the UK. Now a snapshot of this part of history has been discovered, in the form of a pristine section of Roman road dating back almost 2,000 years. The road was stumbled upon during building work in the centre of Rochester, and is now on display.

The Roman Army created highways during the four centuries Britain was under the rule of the Roman Empire. The main aim of the roads were to speed up military supplies and troops. From 43 – 410 AD, it is thought the army created 2,000 miles (3,200km) of surfaced roads across the UK.

The paved roads also helped speed up trade and helped the transporting of goods. Many of the roads laid down by the Romans continued to be used for centuries after the Romans left Britain, and some remain part of the UK’s national road network even now. Others, like the road rediscovered in Rochester, were lost. The find sits on an ancient Roman road in Rochester, Kent, which once took legions of soldiers from the coast to London.

For the intricate, anal details lol please follow the link provided below. I added this story because it's history, it's ancient, historic. Theres just something about it though, it looks to new to me, "Pristine" the Mail Online's word's not mine? It's the Roman road that would of seen the very most traffic because it's coming from the coast to Londinium? It all looks rather to new, convenient and just displayed to well? Hey, I could be wrong, it could be a straight up Roman empire road? Just have a look and see for yourself? I'm allowed to ask questions it's what I do, I ask questions on truth, honour and dignity. There should be more people whom do this in my opinion. Tim Lewis

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