Monday, September 26, 2016

After a Massive Research Campaign I Finally Found a Superb Mars Anomaly

Mars anomalies and bones skeletons
This is clearly an animal skeleton
So i was looking for what seemed like days and days but finally found something to show you guys, i put all the leg work in and you see the results, if you like it that's another story lol. I hope you like this one, it is of a skeleton on Mars that has turned to stone or petrified as it is called. This thing looks positively Alien and hundreds of thousands of years old. It must be in the range of that easy?

This thing is like the other skeletons ive found in other Mars images. Why does NASA continue to play this down as if its not even there? They act like a really ignorant neighbour that always lets his dog do its business without cleaning up after the mutt.

NASA gets me down because people look to them as a guide, a beacon of hope in a otherwise dull world. Like they have all the answers and whatever they say is law! Well i put it to them jokers that they are all liars, in league with the paymasters and not there for the public but there for individual needs like PAYING universities with a one track mind and politicians with ulterior motives etc.

I do believe they have lost their way and that they need to go back and listen to that famous JFK speech and realise why they do what they do! Not to constantly put down obvious truths and blame UFO sightings on fucking swamp gas.
That's it am done with this post, they get me so mad. I mean just look at the picture? It says it all?