Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Snake Has Been Spotted Slithering Down A Martian Rock Face or is it an Alien Worm

Live snake found on mars
Live Snake Fully Camouflaged on Mars
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I have found some more images of Worms and they do have some similarities as you can see in this image;
I could be wrong just like I have been in the past about things but this is actually something I will put money were my mouth is and say that these images show either a snake or a worm like Alien creature?

worm or snakes on mars

There seems to be two objects in the frame? But the one far left seems to either be a worm or the bottom of the large rock face hidden in the shadows? Everyone looking at this cannot help but fail to see a similar image in this, the scientist below has described this as pareidolia meaning that we see things that are not actually there, but my argument is that there IS something there and it looks Alien in origin, to me? Read below for his unconvincing argument even thought I can see where he is coming from, I totally disagree with his "assessment" because this like I say, it is just to Alien looking than a natural Martian formation? Taking in to account all the other stuff found on Mars, I believe this is a Worm/Snake?

Worm or snake on mars surface

Worm or snake on mars surface

So-Called Scientists: have explained that a phenomenon known as pareidolia could help explain why people keep finding mysterious objects such as statues, lizards and mermaids in Mars photos. Pareidolia occurs when the brain recognizes a familiar pattern or object even though it is not there. Conspiracy theorists are not fully convinced by this explanation believing that NASA is making a coverup of alien life on Mars. Some, however, believe that the space agency is on its way to making a full disclosure of the truth saying that NASA scientists are likely preparing to make a full disclosure as hinted by the recent announcement of the discovery of flowing liquid water on the Red Planet. UFO chasers believe living creatures thrive on Mars but they are often overlooked despite that they are in plain sight in photos taken by NASA's robotic probes. They explained that one possible reason why it is difficult to spot life forms on the Martian surface is that Martian life comes in forms that are not familiar to humans.

Example: The Face on Mars;