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Unknown Object with Blue Light Lands in Los Banos, CA

Published: 1:20 PM 6/18/2013
Los Banos, California - 06-13-13
ufo over california

My wife and two sons were returning from a funeral service from San Jose.

We were travelling on Highway 152 approximately 20 minutes east of Los Banos at which time my wife first noticed an object with a blue light appear perpendicular to the highway and approximately a 1/3 mile in front of our car.
Seconds later I caught a glimpse of the object and asked my wife: "What is that? It’s moving so fast and it’s so low to the ground."

We watched it for about twenty seconds as it went directly in front of us, and then continued in a straight path and then it suddenly appeared to reverse direction and then these three bright lights appeared (at this time it appeared the object was 1/8 mile out to the right of us) horizontally and the object proceeded to descend/hover at about a 30 degree angle.

The object landed and I wanted to stop and investigate, however, my wife said that we need to keep driving. I did not want to argue with her.

If I was alone I surely would have stopped the car and walked over there, however, how long would it have taken me to see what was there? Anyway that’s what actually happened.

Thank you to our friends at UFOCasebook, you guy's do this with ease, we just try to emulate that.

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