Thursday, August 4, 2016

UFO Seen In Sky 2008 Pueblo, Colorado at President Barack Obamas Speech!

On November the 1st 2008 President Barack Obama was giving his speech in Pueblo, Colorado and as he was giving this speech MSNBC was filming it and up in the right corner of the screen you can clearly see a UFO coming out of the clouds and at about 50-60 miles an hour this thing is clearly visible! Why the suits at MSNBC didnt see this we will probably never know? But this is crazy, why didnt the secret service not get on to this? It wasnt in the sky when they looked but only caught on film which in itself begs the question, was they using some sort of cloaking device? Did no-one see it because it was just to fast even for a second glance? Did this show up on any radars or other instruments? One thing you cannot deny is this, it was there and it is on film as proof!
Also, whats being done since this episode? Has any-one looked in to this? I bet you this much, someone somewhere knows and this is being kept as a secret, maybe even from the stupid man in charge himself?

UFO caught on film in Pueblo, Colorado in 2008 when President Barack Obama was giving his already scripted script which by the way was done for him by the real powers that be?

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