Monday, August 29, 2016

The Amazing Journey of Ufology, When and Where It All Started...

The modern Ufology was officially born in 1947, the year in which occurred the famous sighting by the pilot Kenneth Arnold. It generally takes the sightings occurred since the forties, while the alleged UFO phenomena of the past are the subject of interest of clipeology and ancient astronaut.

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UFO Sightings

According to its most rigorous supporters ufology should represent, in its core, a form of multidisciplinary research that combines two characters: one essentially historiographical-documentary, taking care to collect and catalogue the huge amount of observations and UFO phenomena; and a more scientific character attempting, by means of physical measurements, chemical, photo, astronomical, meteorological, medical, psychological, etc., to identify the causes of the phenomena provisionally considered of UFOs.

It should however be pointed out that the UFO environment is extremely varied and will also belong exponents that for ideological, religious, commercial or just to appear in the media, pretend to assign, define, or simply assume “scientifically” the extraterrestrial origin of the observed phenomena , based on considerations at all scientific, but subjective.

Attempting to apply only part of the scientific method by the majority of ufologists to UFO phenomena with the claim to reach conclusions, “scientific” means that the scientific community traditionally place it ufology as part of pseudo-science.

Among the few scientists who have dealt seriously ufology there meteorologist James McDonald, astronomers J. Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallée, astrophysicists Peter Sturrock and Bernard Haisch, biochemist Michael Swords.

The results obtained by ufology in more than 60 years of study are still far from conclusive, but they contain a large amount of data. Well this amount of data, I decided to study it with you, so follow me in my posts following in the footsteps going places and lets discover together the most interesting subject today.
That is, Ufology!

Did you know that,
In the Soviet Union, sightings of UFOs were often prompted by tests of secret military rockets.