Saturday, August 6, 2016

Straight from NASAs own archival files, PROOF

So here's the smoking gun so-to-speak? This is most interesting and all the detail's below raise even more question's like how could this of got through NASA's iron grip and made its way to their website? Again, this lead's me to believe that it is part of the "dribble bit, by bit disclosure?" That's another story in itself.

On their (NASA's) website click here, you can hover over the entire page or just the most interesting part, the UFO which stand's for Unidentified Floating Object. Theres to many corners, sharp turns and what appear to be "flaps" of some sorts? Without a doubt, this is a craft. This is from intelligence, made with knowledge of space and what intention is the only real question? The rest is self explanatory! Its a space craft! Heres one for you, PAN-SNGLNT., SPACE DEBRIS!!!!!! WTF does this really mean? from their own space ships, debris fallen off like a spare tyre on the motorway. Give us a break, next they'll say it's frickin SWAMP GAS. Remnants of a Dinosaur fart, part of Buzz Aldrins jock strap or a loose "strap-on" from Apollo 4 
First flight of Saturn V rocket; successfully demonstrated S-IVB third stage restart and tested CM heat shield at lunar re-entry speeds, but left some debris floating around the Earth!!!!!
It's all lies, we can't trust NASA, although ide love to have faith in them, we just can't have full faith in them and that's a shame!

Image detail's below for anyone that's remotely interested in this.

NASA Photo ID STS088-724-68
Focal Length 250mm
Date taken 1998.12.11
Time taken 20:17:33 GMT

ISS nadir point: 26.9° S, 10.8° E
Photo center point:
Nadir to Photo Center: North
Spacecraft Altitude: 214 nautical miles (396km)

Country or Geographic Name: OCEAN
Cloud Cover Percentage: 90 (76-100)%
Sun Elevation Angle: -25°
Sun Azimuth: 224°