Thursday, August 11, 2016

People Set to Get Free Survival Food, Food4Patriots Saints

four week food supply limit food4patriots
4 Weeks food supply kit
Sign's of the end times!
Now this is just puzzling and a "red flag" at the same time depending on how you look at it? Free food programs are awesome and much needed, but... And this is a big but. WHY Military survival pack's? Why not just normal food pack's? Ill tell you why...

Military survival ration pack's last for 25 YEAR! The food4patriots is putting the emphasis on "25 years". Where did I get my new's source?
Right here; food4patriots
It even say's on the top of the website "WARNING" in big red letter's! Now I like to think that I can look at something and see the good in something first. Then I tend to see other, changes in thought let's say? Why 25 years "SURVIVAL" pack's? Put emphasis on the word survival.
This all could be a matter of just good imagination? But it could also be a red flag? Read it for yourself?

What they are doing is good if its for the right reasons but I cant help but feel that destiny is working through them and telling us all something? I could be wrong, I hope I am! This is not an advert!

Food4patriots email quote:

Seriously, In a crisis, your #1 need is food. But not just any food... Experts say every senior needs to have non-perishable, good for 25 years survival food on hand in case of an emergency. Well right now - in what is truly an unprecedented move - 72-hour Food4Patriots survival food kits are being given away to those who beat the program deadline and while supplies last. "Survival food is more important today than ever before," explains Frank Bates, a spokesman for the company. "Natural disasters, terrorist attacks and other threats can make obtaining sufficient food impossible in an emergency." "None of us wants to ever rely on this or any government to feed us in a crisis," Bates says. Food4Patriots survival foods are made of the finest ingredients, grown and packaged right here in the USA. They taste great and provide the nutrition you need. Recent advancements in the processing and packaging have led to this food being guaranteed fresh for an amazing 25 years. Packages are made of military-grade Mylar, the same material used to protect NASA astronauts. Every 72-hour kit that's being given away contains 4 servings each of such delicious meals as Liberty Bell Potato Cheddar Soup, Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice, Travellers Stew and the always-loved Granny’s Home-style Potato Soup. This kit sells to the general public for $27.00 plus postage and has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by customers. But those who act quickly can get them just for the $9.95 shipping and handling fee. "We're trying to ensure that no one who wants this free food misses out, but they have to hurry because we have a limited supply of the 72-hour kits we can give away," Bates warned. "Once word got out that folks could actually get free survival food, we had to add extra customer service staff to keep up with incredible demand." There is still time to take advantage of this offer, but be aware that supplies are limited and the program may end at any time.