Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Nibiru - Return of the Anunnaki

Nibiru (Babylonian astronomy): A technical term in Babylonian astronomy.
Nibiru (Sitchin), pseudo-scientific planetary object described by Zecharia Sitchin.
Nibiru collision: a supposed impending disastrous encounter between Earth and a large astronomical object.
Nibiru Astronomical Society, astronomy group at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.
Nibiru Age of Secrets, computer adventure game was released in 2005.

Planet X Nibiru space map
Planet X Nibiru
The Destroyer or the Comet of Change, Planet X Nibiru is known to the ancients as causing major global cataclysms, warming, cooling, violent earthquakes, polar alignment pole shift. What is causing the global warming on Mars? The Sun is reacting to Planet X Nibiru as it comes closer to our sun and leaves nemesis the darkstar. (Joe Rogan) talks about Nibiru, Zecharia Sitchin, Anunnaki alien gods that genetically manipulated mankind according to ancient Sumerian mythology. Creation and evolution, Adam and Eve, the garden of Eden. The Nephilim of the Bible and the Book of Enoch.