Friday, August 5, 2016

My thoughts about Kim Jong Un and the DPRK

north korea leader
Am terrible arnt I, tee hee
Kim Jong Un
Now I've never been to North Korea or the DPRK as it is known. It has to be said though that the people that have been there, say it's all staged, that they are lied to, that it's one big set up and micro-managed to every second of the day? 
Now, we can't see this for ourselves, unless we go there and see all this "massive world stage" for ourselves? But Google Map's do purport to show "work camp's and mass grave's". Now if this is true then it must start with the leaders as an investigation, but how does someone go about this? The Hermit State as it has become to be known as, is one big secret, how does one get the access to, how does an interview get set up to speak to someone there without the usual "staged set"?
We can only hope that more people escape the DPRK and get to safety, speak out and do so without the fear of repercussions?
Many people from the DPRK make it to South Korea and immediately (nearly always) get sanctuary and have a safe place to live, still in Korea and with their "own" people.
The interview's and documentaries I have seen don't go nearly all the way that maybe they should or could go? They ALL seem to be going in the same in direction, which lead's me to think that even this is part of the DPRK's propaganda? I mean come on, they micro manage you from start to finish and you make it out of the DPRK with what they leave you on your tapes? Am I right? you may think or even believe that you have got one over them because you have a few bits of film showing someone illegally selling clothing or even food on the streets! But, don't forget it that they have always been in control since the second you stepped foot in that God forsaken country! It may seem however, that THEY have gotten one over on you!
And guess what, He's "lovin it."