Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Check out this List of Countries National Debts, Its Crazy

Here is just a few national debts from around the world, it is absolutely crazy that these countries even exist? If they walked into a bank like you and I, they would be turned down for even a simple card account! The national debts of some countries (Greece) are just unsustainable. What the hell is going on in this world? It only takes one look at these figures and you just see it, you just know that something is going to break, get broke (literally) and will end up in the international job line seeking free hand outs! 

This is just terrible, someone should get a bank account with unlimited overdraft and put all the national debts on to that card! I saw it once on a programme somewhere? in reality that cant happen but it would be good, of thinking about it, someone did do that? He was called Jesus Christ. He put man's overdraft on his heavenly credit card and died for it. Wow, I sound all religious but I'm not, im to stubborn to believe in something I cannot see? Like a scientist I suppose? Charles Darwin theory etc.

Getting back to the national debts of countries, we need to see this everyday and take it to work with us to show people the state of their country is in? It would shock lots of people to see this in their perfect little world! Because one day, soon they will end up paying it back and it will be the less fortunate that will have to pay back all this money, it always is the less fortunate in our societies. History is sobering and a right bastard. Governments always target the less well off with stupid cuts and silly tweaks just to save frickin bankers (wankers) who get in over their heads and make us all pay for it.
I could go on all day about the differences in our societies against the haves and the have nots. But alas, coffee break.

I took these shots of the national debts clock at 19:00 hours 31st August 2016.

Chinese debt
China owes alot of money, in debt
debt for United Kingdom
UK's national debt owed
Americas national debt
US debt clock
Australia debt owes money
Scary looking debt

National Debts Website is here;

Debt Definition; 
This is the gross government debt, this means the amount of money (the repayment value) owed by government today calculated according to the SDDS 2014 and The Maastricht Treaty guidelines. In keeping with the aforementioned guidelines we do not subtract from the debt any financial assets the government may own. Please also note the debt figures do not take into account any government future payments e.g. pensions payable next year. Or business and private borrowing e.g. you buying a car with a loan, buying a house with a mortgage or a business buying a machine with a bank loan.

Over 90% of their data is directly obtained from official government agencies and central banks. When this has not been possible we have used data from the CIA, The World Bank or Eurostat. This raw data is then processed through our algorithms which use, amongst other variables, the average 10 year interest rate paid on the debt to accurately calculate the current debt amount at the time you are viewing the debt clock. We believe our calculations are correct working from the data that we have collected.