Wednesday, August 3, 2016

BREAKING: North Korea Fires LONG RANGE Ballistic Missiles… Here’s What We Know

North Korea launched a ballistic missile on Wednesday that flew about 620 miles, landing near Japans territorial waters.  According to Tokyo and Seoul Officials, this is one of the longest ranges a North Korean missile has been fired to date.
U.S. STRATCOM stated that North Korea had actually fired two ballistic missiles simultaneously, not just one.  STRATCOM stated that one of the missiles blew up as it was launched and the 2nd was tracked as it went into the Sea of Japan.
Japan’s Defense Ministry said the missile landed inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone, the 200-nautical-mile offshore area where a nation has sovereign rights for exploring and exploiting resources. Japanese media reported it was the first North Korean missile that has splashed down in Japan’s EEZ.
“It imposes a serious threat to Japan’s security and it is unforgivable act of violence toward Japan’s security,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
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Missiles are fired

Kim Dong-Yub, of Seoul’s Institute for Far East Studies, has warned that the latest launch by North Korea was directly aimed at proving they have the capabilities to strike U.S. bases in Japan.
The Director of the scientific research department at the North’s National Aerospace Development Administration, publicly stated last week, “Pyongyang’s military had mastered the main and core techniques in long-range ballistic missile technology, including the starter engine technology, how to separate the different stages, guidance control techniques and re-entry and it’s all ready to be operational.”
North Korea has threatened War against South Korea and the U.S. if they continue the joint trained exercises in August.  The U.S. responded openly stating the joint training will continue as planned and they believe this is just more meaningless threats from North Korea.
Asia is becoming a powder keg at a very alarming rate as tensions boil over between the U.S. and China and the U.S. and North Korea.  Both nations have threatened war against the U.S. and have handed out ultimatums to the U.S. military.
We know that the U.S. will not bow to these dictators and that should have the U.S. citizens hyper vigilant that war could break out in the Pacific, at any time and day now.