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Giants do exist on planet earth
Giants are real and once lived on planet Earth
Is the Vatican plotting to cover up an ancient world?


The Vatican is a city, well guarded, inside Rome. It’s the smallest state in the world with a population of only 842. The city is not ruled by an emperor, a king or a prime minister. The city is ruled by the Pope himself. The Vatican is the city of the Pope. The pope resides in a palace named Apostolic Palace inside the small state. The area is well known for its tourism. They offer tours to visit chapels, basilica, and museums.

The Vatican and the alien agenda they are covering up
Covering up man-kinds history
They seem to be covering up the history of mankind. They always said that our ancestors goes back thousand and thousand of years from now and was inferior human beings, not as intellectually developed as we are today. Presences of mega structures that are still present today and are dated in that time period seem to be in contrary of what they are saying. Some believe the Catholic Church, including evidently the Vatican, is well aware of aliens and are even preparing for their arrival. Some people tend to say that the Vatican, with the help of their “Lucifer” device, is monitoring, relentlessly, the sky in search for “something”.

The Pope is helping to cover up man kinds history and is lying to the public
The Pope is covering up our history
Some specialists and well renowned persons in that field of research and study, say that some artefacts and proofs of another race have been confiscated by the Vatican. Some witnesses have been “controlled” and silenced plus there has been stories made up to cover their tracks. One only has to wonder what "other - secrets" the Vatican is keeping from us that goes back to the pre-flood era, world? One might think of Giants and or "other entities" that the Vatican could know about and keep those secrets away from public. We are only left to wonder why are those secrets not made public for the good of the human beings.

I believe that the Vatican is hiding prophecies that have all come true and with some prophecies left to emerge they are keeping it secret. The Vatican knew that Hitler would rise. They knew about Napoleon, Roosevelt, JFK, collapse of the USSR, man landing on the moon, and the year they did it! The Vatican knows all about this stuff from prophecies that were made 300+ years ago by a woman. Everything she foretold and wrote down has come to pass and I might add, with some stuff still to come, the Vatican are staying tight lipped about the rest of the "yet-to-come" prophecies. They know Aliens were recovered from Roswell in 1947 and the satellite Sputnik would lead man in to a space race which in turn would bankrupt the USSR. The Vatican knew about ww1 and other stuff i'm not familiar with, but they knew about. I don't want you to think I know all the secrets because I don't.

When they found the parchments in their own archives detailing all these prophecies which by that time of finding it was only some ways through it's listed contents of prophecies. They knew they had found the Holy Grail (so-to-speak). This is not an interpret it as you wish, oh no! This is in plain writings and specific. It was dismissed at the time because it did not make any sense. The style of writing was unknown. The contents was unknown. Then decades and centuries passed and this list became readable. You need to know the future to break this code and that's why it made no sense to them! What this woman did, she used time as the ultimate code. Which explains why it was dismissed at that time as unreadable, scribbles!

But alas, it could be wrong? I could just be another crazy talking, no way to know, unable to find out the truth, shooting in the dark "speculating", playing on feelings doosh bag?

The Vatican alien agenda and lies
Hidden in plain sight is the Alien agenda
Well, I have wacky thoughts - but so can everybody?
Are the Vatican really that bad?
Are they keeping things from us all?
What is the truth?
Is the Devil real?

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Giants did roam this Earth at one time you know, they didn't last because their DNA was flawed and they just couldn't cope with our gravity on their bones? There's just so many avenues for thought and so many different ways to explain and address this and other questions raised in this post? There's quite literally a million and one ways to explain our past, are the Vatican protecting us from something really bad? Is that why they're willing to take all this crap, for the betterment of humanity?

Giants once roamed the earth and left their DNA within humans
Amazing giants that once roamed the planet Earth
Giants on earth did leave their DNA in humans
Giants once lived on the Earth
Giants and very tall people once called the planet Earth home.
Extremely tall people that once lived on this planet

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The Illuminati is blasting us with "happy drugs and viruses through chemtrails"

Oh my God, this is just as disgusting as it get's and it's right up there with mass murder, genocide, gassing people and murder! This is a true crime against humanity, on such a scale that you need another meter added on to the existing meter just so you can "visualize" the scale of this hideousness and cowardly behaviour that is being inflicted on the world's populations, chemtrails.

I actually added the title of this post as a kind of "mockery title" to the mainstream media "wet wipes" because for them, it's something new? WTF! New, this isn't new, it's been going on for many, many years. We (in the know of sort's) whom are savvy and alert have known for the longest time that this is going on. I mean, the actual aeroplanes have been modified to spray chemicals on us all.
  • Can you not see these things? OR, you can see them but you are not allowed to report on such things because the "people" at the helm of your wet wipe won't allow you to report on this? 
It makes me wonder if these people have a soul? In my other post's I have addressed this question and even then I couldn't come to an solid answer? I just don't think they have a soul! I even thought if what they was doing was good - like for the good of mankind? To combat some deadly disease or some Alien parasite that came here via a huge meteor shower and polluted the whole world? I quickly shook my head and realised I was falling down a massive hole if I continue thinking like this!

Geoengineering is a massive problem and a problem that needs addressing. The governments of the world need to confront these so-called scientists/meddlers and ask them to stop and desist! Assist in the stopping of killing us all, it's not hard to do is it? I mean, the amounts of evidence is compelling and overwhelming so should be at least discussed by politicians?

Or is it one of them "crack pot" theories that can't be proven? personally all they need to do is look up at the sky and they can see for themselves the evidence? The planes are not only leaving contrails but chemtrails and deadly noxious gasses!

Anyways, here's a post I found online from the express online. They seem to blame the Illuminati?

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Knowing The Mandela Effect also THE MAN HIMSELF

The Mandela Effect (Nelson Mandela) is a term for where a group of people all mis-remember the same detail, event or physicality. It is named after the instance in which a large group of people all shared the same memory that Nelson Mandela died prior to his actual 2013 death, usually some time in the 1980’s.

The effect exploded in popularity on the internet when a peculiar example popped up where a majority of people seemed to have recalled the Berenstain Bears books as being spelled as “Berenstein” or some other variation, differing from the actual spelling as presented by evidence. The effect is somewhat different from a false memory as it effects large groups of people, seemingly without many connections and without the same emotional factors present.

It also seems stronger and harder to escape the feeling that it’s simply a mis-remembering of a detail, which is why people are so adamant with claims of their memories. As such, it’s often been hinted at that the Mandela Effect is closely related to cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance can be mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds beliefs, ideas, or values and is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.

Please note the use of “can be” as there is many purists that don’t accept the broader definition and scope of cognitive dissonance applying to memory versus reality. Many Mandela Effects are usually trivial details about an oddly specific set of categories. These include things such as the how and when of celebrity deaths, misspellings (usually replaced or removed letters), placement of geographical locations, quotations within media, or alternate imagery.

It is also related to misconceptions in general, although, again is differentiated due to the obscure nature and odd feelings resulting from learning the reality. The solutions, explanations and reasons for the misconceptions are also cryptic and often misrepresented or unknown altogether.

The Mandela Effect closing arguments video

The Mandela Effect is a term for where a group of people all mis-remember the same detail, event or physicality. It is named after the instance in which a large group of people all shared the same memory that Nelson Mandela died prior to his actual 2013 death, usually some time in the 1980's. A parallel universe is a hypothetical self-contained separate reality co-existing with one's own. A specific group of parallel universes is called a "multiverse", although this term can also be used to describe the possible parallel universes that constitute reality.

The Mandela Effect is it real

This guy nails it! He hit's it right on the head. The Mandela Effect is real, it's here to stay and we better get used to things changing! Our past is not set in stone and it never has been? It's there to be played with and these moe foes are absolutely doing just that! They're playing with the past to influence the future. YOU don't need to time travel in to the future because you've already done it!

Don't even try to influence it. Don't try to influence the future because it's already taken care of! NOW that's not to say you can't do something amazing with your life. You can do alsorts and yes, you can do anything. They're taking care of Nibiru, CERN and other secrets like the Vatican knows when the end of the earth is so they've been trying to "FIX" it.

That's why you'll start to see some pretty strange things happening. Breaking news, then no breaking news. Jets crashing then it never happened, type things. Almost like a UFO crashing - then over night, it vanishes from the face of the planet? But I could be wrong lol?

Freemason Movie from 1943 "Occult Forces". The director was killed for making it - OBVIOUSLY BY FREEMASONS!

The initiation ceremony at the grand lodge of the Freemasons
Initiation ceremony of the Freemasons

Ever heard of the film "Occult Forces" that came out in 1943? If you haven't heard of it no doubt you are not alone. Turns out the film which was the final one directed and produced by French director Paul Richie who was shot down in 1949 which anyone could see was going to happen!

Scroll down for video;

It turns out that many suspect that the demise of Riche came about due to this movie that exposes the belief that the Illuminati has an evil agenda long before there were any other films doing so. The film although a piece of fiction depicts what is known as the Freemason system in a less then favorable light.

There are scenes in the film that some could find quite disturbing such as a scene where a member of the Freemason system is saying they love Lucifer, which of course is another name for the Devil. So, what does this have to do with the Illuminati? Well, for years many have believed that the Masons and the Masonic lodges are other names for the Illuminati. Not exactly something that some want to hear who belong to the Mason program.

But getting back to Riche, did direct this film cost him his life? Well, no one has ever come out to admit this, but it does seem quite odd that shortly after the film's release he was shot dead in a random act of violence as the police called it. So, his death was brushed aside, which has only led to more controversy surrounding his death. As for the film itself, this isn't the first or the last time a film had people up in arms. It maybe fiction but then so was “Birth of a Nation” which was a controversial film for it's time.

So, was the “Davinci Code “but that didn't stop it from being the talk of many in the Catholic faith who wanted to denounce the book and the film based on it. So, in other words, fiction can stir people up especially when it hits a little too close to what is reality. The film “Occult Forces” is now streaming online and many can view it for themselves to see if this was true as controversial as claimed.

Keep in mind, though; the film can be hard to view given it's subject matter, and when viewing it, many might wonder if it did cause a man his life. Selected clips and the full movie below. Notice the all seeing eye garbage in the Mason lodge!

Here is an amazing movie from 1943 showing the Freemasons in their own back yard and doing what some thought to be a myth "showing an initiation". This movie is free to use under Creative Commons with full attribution and link to the original source of Freemason.

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NASA footage shows ‘UFO mothership’ crash landed on Mars a long time ago

I'm the conspiracy theorist who suggest's this is a UFO. I think this is a bone fide UFO sitting on the surface of the red planet. Mars has a rich history of anomalies. There's just so many thing's to report on? NASA is up to something? Is it a hoax, is it real? Who know's what is real and what is not?

This sure look's like a downed UFO? Was it crashed on purpose by an Alien in trouble? Did they have to leave it for some reason? Is it a crazy looking natural looking formation? If it is a downed UFO, could we get some technology from it? For one thing though, this is definitely a strange thing! If it's of Alien origin I couldn't tell you?

UFO on Mars is a definite

Here's what other's have to say about it;

The location of the spacecraft is alleged to be near the Tharsis and Elysium volcanic areas of the Red Planet. It was spotted by the conspiracy theorists in a photo taken by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor. They believe the UFO “crash landed” on the surface of the planet and has been abandoned there ever since. The reason for the crash remains unknown.

UFO crash landing on Mars in shocking NASA clip

"If we take a look at the crash site we see that the UFO, which is approximately 190 metres wide, impacted the surface at a low angle, ending up half buried in the Martian soil,” the alien hunter explains in the YouTube video. He adds: ”In 2000, the Mars Global Surveyor captured many images of the Medusae Fossae formation and it was Steve Wingate, a NASA image specialist who discovered a very unusual object half-buried in the Martian soil, what appears to be a crashed alien craft.

"Despite frantic efforts to make his amazing finding public, the image mysteriously disappeared several times from his site but surprisingly the image released on October 16, 2000, remained on the NASA servers till now." The video has now been viewed more than 107,000 times but not all viewers were convinced. One wrote: “A meteorite collided with Mars and the impact crater is where you have imagined you can see an alien spacecraft. “The white area to the right is a debris field showing ice.”

NASA footage shows moment alien spacecraft lands on Mars

Another added: “Lol these always make me laugh.” Recently a “fleet of UFOs” spotted over Turkey sent Twitter into a frenzy when the hashtag #ufoattack started trending. Baffled stargazers shared a number of strange videos on social media showing bizarre lights filling the night sky. That video emerged after one man claimed to have “summoned a UFO fleet” in another crazy video.

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I have just found 3 Crocodile skeletons in an official NASA image

I couldn't believe my luck when I found this NASA image! I took one look at it and thought nah, there's nothing in this image? But then down in the bottom right I thought WTF? Is that a Crocodile? Is it an Alligator? I didn't think anything of it so I left it at that? I still had the tab open later on and I thought I'de just get an image analyser from the app store and take a closer look? UFO Sightings Footage is one of our channels.

3 crocodile skeletons found on Mars
Crocodile bones found on Mars

Then I hit what I thought was a jackpot! A Crocodile skeleton? Then it went something like this "no way"! Another 2 Crocodile skeletons that seem to be looking at the bigger one in the far right bottom? This is what I call a fluke of nature, or just a fluke that I was looking at that particular time? Either way, I have stumbled upon something amazing here.

The full Mars image taken by Curiosity Rover on 17th December 2015. Click to view.
3 crocodile skeletons found on Mars
Bottom right is where the first Crocodile bones are
The Crocodile skeletons seem to be "stuck" in mid motion? Like a statue or something? Why do they look like that? Then I started to think of a few scenarios to do with what could of caused a mid-flow statue? A nuclear bomb? Atomic bomb? A meteorite blast? A Martian planet wide mutual destruction? Like the old photos from Japan after the US dropped the nuclear bomb?

The shadows of the Japanese people were literally burned in to concrete and people's bodies were caught in mid-flow which then looked like a statue? That's all I can come up with at this time as to what caused this "mid-flow" statue look on these so-called skeletons? Can you think of another theory as to why these look like they do? Is it purely a natural coincidence that they look the way they do?

Here's some other bones that have found on Mars;

Bones and skulls that have been found on the red planet Mars

Bones and skulls that have been found on the red planet Mars

Bones and skulls that have been found on the red planet Mars

Bones and skulls that have been found on the red planet Mars

I'm totally convinced that these are skeletons because I've seen other official images from NASA's archives that show bones, skulls, animals etc. There's the dinosaur head with jaw and teeth. Multiple skulls and numerous bones scattered across the surface of Mars! It is proof of life and I even found a piece of pottery on Mars in official image, of which you'll see below in this awesome image. I circled the pottery in red.

Pottery on Mars that I found points to a civilisation once
Face on a piece of pottery

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Pole Shift, what the hell is going on and what's causing it?

is a Pole shift is going to happen
Is there going to be a pole shift in our life time?

What's gonna cause a pole shift?
What's gonna cause a magnetic pole reversal?

NIBIRU is the biggest culprit and it's got the biggest backing as a theory as to what is causing the poles to shift because one thing everybody can agree on is that the poles are moving? The Nibiru/Planet X and a world wide catastrophe, first came on the scene and on to our screens in 1995 by Nancy Lieder. She proposed that she was in contact with extraterrestrials and that they have warned her that Nibiru is going to either collide or near miss the planet earth sometime in the early 21st century?


Nancy Lieder reckons that she has a device which has been implanted in her brain that allows her to communicate with Aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system? She reckons she was chosen to warn humanity that Nibiru would sweep through our solar system and cause havoc and maybe it will kill off most of humanity? So you can imagine every doomsday cult has latched on to this and chosen it to back up their beliefs?

Zeta reticuli solar system
Zeta Reticuli star system
No scientific persons or educated person will put their name to, or back this idea? This however does not rule out a collision or a near miss with a celestial object i.e Nibiru? However, having the backing of a scientist or an official government body would indeed give this "speculation, theory" a bit of credibility? But, no-one has yet come forward other than a few fringe groups whom dabble in pseudo-science?

Let's not forget this though, scientists do admit to the earth having gone through no less than 74 pole shifts in the earth's long past! Scientists have data and evidence of pole shifts from deep holes that have been dug in the ice I think from both the poles? The evidence they got was by way of magnetic fragments and consistent particles found in certain places which all points to pole shifts? There's more to it than that, which leads me to ask this;

  • Has the earth stopped going through pole shifts?
  • Will there be a pole shift any time soon?
  • What caused the 74 pole shifts in the past?
  • Are they sure it won't happen?

2 suns which is supposedly to be Nibiru Planet X
2 suns this could be Nibiru/Planet X

I found this piece on the internet and thought it would fit in with what I have just been writing about? It kinda contradicts somewhat as to what I have just been typing but hey, were all allowed our own opinions yes? I said that scientists are refusing to get involved in this debate but apparently this guy has found a couple willing to go on the record?

Planet X new website header image
These guys are very insightful indeed
According to research and data sets collated by European Space Agency satellites called Swarm, the Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening. This has meant big weak spots over the Western Hemisphere while the field has been strengthened over the Indian Ocean. One explanation given for this was that the poles were getting ready to flip. Hence compasses that once pointed north, would now point south. It’s thought that the Earth’s magnetic field is generated by the movement of the currents of the Earth’s molten core at its centre, a process known as “geodynamo.”

As these currents are not consistent, the magnetic field also moves around and the magnetic north is currently drifting circa 10 miles per year. But a complete flip? Complementing the Swarm’s data, geophysicists have been studying the core’s lava that has reached the surface of the earth. Once the lava solidifies, the remaining rock samples provide an indication of what activity is happening with the magnetic field. In addition two scientists from the University of California, Gary Glatzmeier and Paul Roberts, have used the process of geodynamo to set up a computer model using a set of equations that explain the changes in the geodynamo process.

They ran it on a timeline of 500,000 years and found that new magnetic fields that were generated by the geodynamo process would line up in the direction of the existing magnetic fields. But once in a while it would twist it in a different direction inducing temporary pole reversal/ instability. It may become permanent however, if the conditions are right – if the reversed polarity gets progressively bigger and the original polarity decays. In essence it is a chaotic system; but it is this scientists are predicting will occur in our lifetime. This isn’t the first time this has happened however.

According to NASA, these types of flips happen all the time. ‘All the time’ being in relative geo-physiological terms – i.e. every 200,000-300,000 years. They say that flips are the rule rather than the exception. The rule has also been that with every pole reversal, catastrophe hits the earth – whole species go into extinction, earthquakes and other natural disasters ensue – what’s to say that another major shift in the poles will not trigger cataclysm or is not in fact already happening.

The pole shift will cause major shifts in the tectonic plates and in the current climate and onslaught of incidents – all signs point north . . or south now. An alternative computer model, a Hyderabad computer model, predicted the polar shifts and also that it may cause serious problems making the earth unsustainable or unsuitable to live in with the increased tectonic activity, the weakening of immune systems of animals and increased cosmic radiation.

Because when the polar shift happens, there is a point at which the Earth’s magnetic field reaches zero Gauss i.e. zero magnetism. Coinciding with the sun’s polar reversal, which happens on an eleven-year cycle, is likely to cause huge problems. Luckily, that last happened in 2012 – so we’re good for another decade. Beyond all the doomsday talk, there is a serious consequence that every time polar shift does happen, the magnetic field depletes, the only thing protecting us from harmful solar rays.

It has been depleting at an alarming rate over the last couple of centuries, every time there is a move in the current of the iron core. This may lead to massive ozone holes, which apparently was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. What can we do to prepare apart from increased sun block? NASA say don’t sweat it and that little evidence suggests any Armageddon type consequences predicted by some.

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Nostradamus predictions for 2017 A terrifying forewarning from the 16th century prophet is revealed

Nostradamus, real name "Michel de Nostredame" was a French Physician and philosopher who regularly helped people and treated people aswell as writing a comprehensive list of future prophecies. Here's a quick look at the man himself.

Michel de Nostredame was a 16th century French philosopher who, according to his followers, has predicted many historical events including 9/11, the rise of Hitler and Donald Trump’s presidential victory. After a year full of surprises and political upsets, believers have looked once again to Nostradamus’ writings to try to predict what the new year (2017) will bring.

Signature of Nostradamus
Nostradamus signature looks amazing
What Nostradamus’ followers believe could happen around the world in 2017. On the world stage, China could make bold moves to cure the “economic imbalance” in the world with far-reaching effects, according to believers.

Italy could face financial hardship with rising unemployment and loans making it the “epicentre” of a fresh eurozone crisis. The country looks set to experience economic turmoil and a deepening banking crisis in the wake of the Italian referendum result and Matteo Renzi’s decision to resign. The “current superpower”, believed to be a reference to the US, is expected to become increasingly ungovernable and incompetent in the year that Mr Trump enters office.

Nostradamus birth place before recent renovations at 13210-Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France
Nostradamus birth place in Saint Remy De Provence
Another prophecy is said to predict a new truce between Russia and Ukraine, which will be opposed by the US but embraced by the EU. In Latin America, Governments are forecast to move away from left-wing policies, which will help set the stage for potential civil unrest. The most terrifying of the alleged prophecies is a “Hot War” over global warming and diminishing resources, with the greatest threats said to be biological warfare and terrorism.

In terms of technology, Nostradamus predicted that cloud computing would simply become known as computing, solar power would become more widespread, and commercial space travel would take off with orbital flights around the Earth.

Nostradamus, the end of the world
Is it really the end of the world, Nostradamus reckons so?
So here's my thoughts about Nostradamus. Ever since I was a child I have heard of and about Nostradamus. I never knew he was French, in fact I thought he was from Belgium for some reason? But one thing I always knew was that he had the ability to predict things? One thing that stuck out in my mind was him predicting Hitler? But he called him Hisler? The prophecy was aimed at a Germanic rising to run the whole world through murderous means.

Century I, Quatrain 1: 1555 Lyon Bonhomme edition
Nostradamus was a philosopher
Nostradamus is in fact a massive part of history for one reason, he did have this extraordinary ability to predict the future. Even when he was alive he was predicting things that happened in his own life time? he didn't need to be dead for his predictions to come true which is what made him the amazing person that he was. Was he in league with the Devil as some now believe?

Was he a Devil worshipper as some people believe he was? What did he sacrifice to become a Seer? Did he have an "unnatural ability" through nefarious means? Like sacrifice and or turning peoples souls demonic through his work as a physician and did he plant demons in peoples souls? Being an physician back then was very important and the ability to carry out any Demonic work would be quite easy to hide through his work as a physician?

Nostradamus' current tomb in the Collégiale Saint-Laurent, Salon, into which his scattered remains were transferred after 1789.
Nostradamus tomb
There's many people (me included) who believe that you don't just get this as an ability, just for being born? Oh no, not indeed! He must have either of been chosen or he accepted an invitation from the Devil himself or someone working on behalf of the Devil? To see the future and be right is something of much debate as to whether it's natural or unnatural?

A bit like our modern day Magicians is it a gift or just an amazing ability to understand behaviours? Manipulation of peoples thoughts is one thing but manipulating people for other means is a total other beast. There's no evidence that he manipulated people other than just writing what he saw in his minds eye? So is he just manipulating peoples minds?

It would seem so and as you may already know, if you have more people believe in one thing then the likelihood of that happening is good because you've already manipulated the outcome. It's very clever. So did he not see the future or did he just manipulate the outcome through suggestion? Or is it just generalised speculation? He would need something "special" to see the future, that's a given?

Nostradamus statue
Nostradamus statue
Personally I believe he used nefarious means and was in contact with some "force" beyond any rational understanding! I believe God is nature, God means, what will be will be? But the Devil, he wants to control and see the future so he can manipulate outcomes for his own needs. his need is to control, contradict, deceive, create controlled chaos, manipulate human thought.

ALL of that comes under the heading "Devil worship". To worship manipulation, is to enter a terrible contract with the Devil and, or Demonic forces. He was either unwitting to his own thoughts thinking he was doing something good (that's where the Devil resides) or he knew and was rewarded with brilliant standing in society and to enter the history books, BOTH are very good motivators!

But, I could be wrong and all this could just be the coffee talking? Is it good, is it bad? What I do know is this. At one stage in our human history, people were burned at the stake for such things? People were hung, drawn and quartered! Was they right or wrong, that's a very big question?

There are some thing's, that no human needs know. The future is and always will be an "off limits" place. Where's the humanity in knowing everything? Where's the enjoyment in knowing the outcome? Winning a horse race through "underhanded techniques" is unfair and wrong! So therefore knowing the future is wrong and unfair. It could create The Mandela Effect?

that's another story though...
Tim Lewis

Copy of Garencières' 1672 English translation of the Prophecies, located in The P.I. Nixon Medical History Library of The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.
Nostradamus book called The prophecies

Monday, November 28, 2016

Ancient walled city found on Mars Stunning Video Shows Life DID Exist At One Time On Mars

SHOCKING claims have been made that these pictures show the foundations of a ruined ancient city on the surface of Mars. Are these real walls or are they just meteor craters formed on a different rock layer?


A video produced by the United Family of Anomaly Hunters entitled "NASA Spots Walled Cities on Mars from MRO Satellite" has been uploaded to YouTube, prompting a fierce debate about whether it could actually be the earthworks of a former ancient alien settlement on the surface of the planet.

The images were taken from above by the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter which blasted off from Cape Canaveral in 2005 to search for evidence of water on the surface. The video includes a series of aerial views which appear to show eroded domes, which are surrounded by almost circular rings, which have been described as potentially being the remains of walls around buildings.

Mars-City has been found
The left is a walled city on Mars
A video produced by the United Family of Anomaly Hunters entitled "NASA Spots Walled Cities on Mars from MRO Satellite" has been uploaded to YouTube, prompting a fierce debate about whether it could actually be the earthworks of a former ancient alien settlement on the surface of the planet. The images were taken from above by the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter which blasted off from Cape Canaveral in 2005 to search for evidence of water on the surface. The video includes a series of aerial views which appear to show eroded domes, which are surrounded by almost circular rings, which have been described as potentially being the remains of walls around buildings.

Mars-City with a wall around it x2
Possible walled cities found on Mars?
One viewer was convinced they were similar to ancient ruins found on Earth. He posted on YouTube: "There are structures similar to these all over certain areas in South Africa." A poster with the user name The Kruxed added: "It's funny as these are very similar to old neolithic to early Roman ruins you find in England and Wales and also Roman market town architecture. "They would usually have a raised circular inner with outer complexes of either ditches, walls or large stacked rocks or a combination of some of those features depending on where the ruins are located."

Pottery I found in an image from Mars
Pottery found on Mars

Viewers went on to dispute claims they were meteorite craters with internal peak rings - a natural phenomenon. A user with the name Pickle Jaar said: "NASA can say anything but that doesn't look like a natural formation to me. "Meteor impacts does not form pentagon or hexagonal shapes. Great find man." Rick The Explorer added: "The pentagon shape to the black around the circles is what's puzzling.

"Like you, when I first saw this I was thinking craters. "With "no Atmosphere" on Mars, the asteroids must come in very fast and hot, but it's the lines in that pentagon surrounding it!" Bugt, Kanal Khan had a more level-headed view. He posted: "Looks to me like an old volcanic eruption, but I could be wrong." And other viewers simply branded the images as "fake".

Here is some other images from Mars that have stumped scientists and people alike? Though you cannot explain the stuff in the images, NASA will only say that these images are all natural formation? Go figure I suppose? When NASA says jump, we are expected to jump?
express online

Mars anomalies and weird stuff that's been found over time on the surface of Mars

Mars anomalies and weird stuff that's been found over time on the surface of Mars

Mars anomalies and weird stuff that's been found over time on the surface of Mars

Mars anomalies and weird stuff that's been found over time on the surface of Mars

Mars anomalies and weird stuff that's been found over time on the surface of Mars

Mars anomalies and weird stuff that's been found over time on the surface of Mars

Mars anomalies and weird stuff that's been found over time on the surface of Mars

Mars anomalies and weird stuff that's been found over time on the surface of Mars

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Why are women drawing penises on their eyelids? The D**kliner is born!

WOMEN have begun drawing penises over their eyelids in a shocking new makeup trend that has taken the world by storm.
The Dickliner trend used by women all over the world is a massive new trend
Dickliner for women
The NSFW (not safe for work) trend was created by 19-year-old Asia Brautigam.

The NSFW trend was created by 19-year-old Asia Brautigam, from California, who posted her own version of the eyeliner look on Twitter. After seeing tonnes of “creative and artistic eye shadow looks” all over the web, the teen decided to try something a little different. But instead of trying out a new look or picking a new colour palette, the student chose to get busy with eye liner - drawing penises on her upper lids.

Penis makeup trend started by this crazy woman
A new trend has started with a massive following
The trend went viral after being shared on social media.

After sharing her bizarre results on Twitter, her hilarious new trend quickly went viral and has since been retweeted more than 28,000 times. She wrote: “Wow MUA Twitter has been so creative with their eye looks, thought I'd have my take.”

The rude fad, called ‘dickliner’, involves drawing testicles on the inner part of the eye and then running along the eyelid to the far outer corner.


Penis eyeliner taking the world by storm

Thousands of others have tried the look for themselves Unsurprisingly, thousands of others have tried the look for themselves and shared their own photos online. Twitter user Jas tweeted: “Sooo in LOVE with your look������������������ my new everyday eye makeup.” Shelby wrote: “We need a tutorial NOW I need this look for the holidays.” Nic tweeted: “This is still better than any eye look I've ever created.”

C'mon this is a great look for women, it let's men know that they are... I can't put that for fear of looking a bit of a sexist pig? I don't know what it really say's? I can only look at this and think this has to be a joke? A conspiracy of some sorts to make women look well, stupid?


There's so much this says but I can't repeat it? What was she thinking? She will forever be known as the woman who loves... D**k? That's not a good look for anyone unless your a male frat dude in the US? On a woman, not so much it does not go good NSFW really does mean not safe for work. I had to look that up.
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Friday, November 25, 2016

The Pole Shift Theory Plus Adding Nibiru Planet X to The Mixture

Pole Shift and the chaos that ensues
The Earth May Shift


The pole shift theory is a hypothesis based on geologic evidence that the physical north and south poles of Earth have not always been at their present-day locations. Pole shift theory is almost always discussed in the context of Earth, but other solar system bodies may have experienced similar reversals during their existences. 

There are a few variations of thought as to how and why the Earth experiences pole shifts. One theory suggests a 180-degree physical inversion of the planet's solid crust around its molten core. Thus, leading to major cataclysmic events and extreme physical earth changes. It is believed that this could take place if another planetary body - - such as a 'rogue planet' or similar cosmic anomaly - passed in close proximity to the Earth, providing enough torque for such an event to occur. 

Nibiru Planet X causing magnetic shift of earth
Nibiru Planet X pole shift
Many believe this has occurred in the past and is due to occur again in the not so distant future. Some speculate that this potential rogue planet will be passing Earth in the year 2016 - 2017 on its 3,600 year orbit around our sun. According to theorist Zechariah Sitchin, he calls this planet Nibiru, the 12th planet of our solar system. This event could have the potential to reshape earth and life, as we know it. 

The second would be a reversal of the Earth's magnetic poles called geomagnetic reversal in which the positions of magnetic north and magnetic south become interchanged as the Earth's magnetic field weakens. A reversal of the magnetic poles is much more likely, as it has occurred several times before in Earth's history according to paleomagnetists. Evidence for this is provided by measurements of the orientation of magnetic materials in sedimentary and volcanic rock. 

Nibiru Planet X causing magnetic shift of earth
Amazing Nibiru and it's effects
Research indicates approximately 200 reversals have occurred over the last 178 million years. Scientist and author, Gregg Braden refers to this shift as, 'the shift of the ages' where Earth's magnetic field decreases to zero point, consequently reversing the magnetic flow, bringing humanity into an age of Enlightenment. This shift is also thought to bring about periods of rapid cataclysmic changes. Many tried to link this event to the year 2012 and the end of the ancient Mayan Calendar cycle.

Recent geomagnetic reversals;

Geomagnetic Reversals Pole Shifts
This is a chart of magnetic pole shifts

Thursday, November 24, 2016


You have to read this amazing story from an astronaut.

Astronaut confirms that Aliens are working with NASA
Astronaut Clark McClelland with the 9 foot Alien

Over the past couple of years, there has been a major change in the attitudes of the general public towards the belief that extra-terrestrials exist. This change of attitudes has been partially due to a large number of former astronauts who have spoken publicly about their personal encounters with alien species. Many of these witnesses have testified in a private capacity, but others have made their experiences known to the Congressional House Science and Technology Committee.

One astronaut who has recently come forward with his story is Clark McClelland who says that he was the SCO on the space shuttle fleet. McClelland had claimed that he was observed the monitor at the Kennedy Space Centre’s Launch Control when he observed an alien vessel go into orbit around the space shuttle.

9 foot aliens and UFO docking with ISS
Incredible image showing Aliens docking with ISS
“A strange, triangular craft surrounded by a hazy field hovered behind the open bay doors of the space shuttle while an alien being interacted with two NASA astronauts. It was a tall creature, about 8 to 9 feet tall. It had a humanoid body shape with two arms, two hands, two legs, two feet, a slim torso and a normal size head for its size.”

Triangle shaped example (or diamond) UFO.

9 foot Alien skeletons have existed on Earth so this story has credible history example.

Very tall Aliens from our history
Amazing sized human looking skeletons
He then saw what he described as an alien creature, between eight and nine foot in height, who was communicating in some way with two tethered astronauts in the Payload Bay. He said that he did not know how the being was communicating to them, but he said that it was gesticulating with his arms and his body language suggested that it was giving instructions. He said that the alien appeared to be kitted out with a weapon of some kind and a communications device. All in all, this unusual experience happened in the space of one minute and a seven seconds.

There are numerous indications that McClelland had a career at NASA, including images of him with the astronaut Judy Resnick and pictures of him in a NASA uniform. However suspiciously, NASA has refused to confirm whether he ever worked with the organization. McClelland’s voice is one of many that have spoken out in recent years about extra-terrestrial phenomena.

9 foot aliens working on the shuttle
This is a huge Alien in NASAs own space suit
With even the former head of the CIA, Roscoe Hillenkoetter, now admitting that security service agents are ‘soberly concerned’ about the impact of UFOs in the atmosphere of Earth, how long can it be before the public are told about the full extent of alien activity around this planet and the implications it has for the people of Earth? This article.

(NASA Employee Claims: 9-Foot Tall Aliens Entered The Space Shuttle) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with full attribution and a link to the original source on